Katheryn Winnick: “Cold Souls” @ Sundance Film Festival

Katheryn Winnick is a 24 year old Canadian actress. She plays the role of Sveta in Cold Souls, which stars Paul Giamatti. The screening at Sundance is the film’s world premiere.

  • Some Guy

    Very hot. The boots are a travesty, however.

  • The Dan

    Fucking Awesome.

  • TORO

    Very cute…and sexy body!!…mamacita, esta buena la guerita!!

  • Beach Bum

    Never heard of her, but I’d let her meet the bishop.

  • Peccavi

    I would fucking hit that with a tire iron!!!!!

  • ACE

    Love handles?

  • Ugly Model1

    Cute and nice love handles.

  • J

    Very pretty, would so get it.

  • Susana

    Her face is pretty.

  • ass

    I would eat her asshole out like a Big Mac

  • Leni

    She’s very pretty, looks Russian/Ukrainian. Cute girl.