Olivia Palermo @ “He’s Just Not That Into You” After Party

Olivia Palermo is on Whitney Port’s crappy MTV show, The City. So it’s been reported that the MTV Execs want these two chicks to start getting into some confrontations to help boost ratings… see, I knew this show would be a complete waste of time. Why don’t the MTV Execs just pressure them to start having full-blown lesbian sex on film or have Olivia “leak” nude photos like Audrina Patridge did to make herself relevant. See MTV Execs, it was a stupid bad idea to give boring Whitney Port her own show!

“MTV wanted the girls to get into a physical fight at the DVF office,” said our source. “Olivia was very disturbed by the request . . . The girls were both really uncomfortable.”

“Even though people think their jobs at DVF aren’t real, both girls are really excited to be working in the fashion world, and wouldn’t want to be seen getting into a fight in a professional setting,” the source said. Source

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