Marisa Miller Lookin’ Ultra-Sexy @ 51st Grammy Awards

Last time we saw Marisa Miller, she was in St. Barts slipping a nipple and playing in the water with Selita Ebanks. That was a good week.

  • Dink

    MM makes me jizz in 2 seconds flat. #1 on my list.

  • Ugly Model1

    Looks nice.

  • salma

    BUTTERFACE???????? you must be jocking, right? who said this? brad Pitt? Adriana Lima? she’s beautiful!

  • SI

    I am so sad Ana Beatriz Barros won’t appear in SI Swimsuit Issue this year.

    Marisa Miller and Selita Ebanks won’t be there either.

  • Ruud

    She is definitely the first person I want to look at on a monday morning. God grief. She is one of the hottest women (as opposed to little girl) I have ever seen.

  • fresh

    butterface- its a bit too harsh, but lets be honest her face truly is kinda average. it really cant compare with her hot body.
    But she seams like a nice person so i don’t care about that.

  • TORO

    Wow….just fucking amazing…she’s hot!! HOT!..esta buenisima la cabrona!!

  • John Connor

    Marisa is an angel

  • Razer Rick

    Finally someone who’s got their shit together…I guess everyone else who bad mouthed Marisa must be gay, jealous, or fucking bullshitters

  • Leni

    She always looks the same, same hair, same makeup, similar dresses/shoes style, sometimes a change would be nice, she’s extremely attractive.

  • RockHard

    She always looks the same ……… PERFECT

  • Jason1985

    Perfect Ten!!