K. D. Aubert @ Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Par

There’s really no better way to sweeten up a boring Tuesday morning than lose yourself inside K.D. Aubert’s sultry eyes.

And yes, this is the same infamous pre-Grammy party after which Chris Brown proved he was a total pussy by assaulting Rihanna with a deadly weapon (his teeth). Can you even classify biting your girlfriend as a form of domestic abuse?!

  • Frost

    Those are the eyes of a woman who will boil your beloved pet and set your car on fire.

  • Leni

    I like crazy eyes therefore I like this woman, she’s hot.

  • Lock

    She’s got a nice body, but her eyes are way too freaky.


    My guess she suffered a bad stroke ,cause her rhs mouth and eye is realy fucked-up…

  • J

    This bitch looks like she chews on dicks for breakfast…CRAZY

  • xLollia

    Looks like black Angelina Jolie

  • TORO

    Stop u making me horny!!…

  • The Devil

    Damn, she’s hot. Fucka Bar Rafeli. Give me this one!