Miranda Kerr & Her Long Legs @ David Jones Winter ’09 Launch

Photo Credit: SNAPPER MEDIA/Bauergriffinonline; Splash News
The David Jones’s Autumn/ Winter 2009 Season Launch was held in Sydney, Australia.

Along with Megan Gale (another delicious Ausi model), Miranda rocked the runway for David Jones & Co. I have to admit, staring at her long legs on the first few pages seriously induce dirty thoughts.


And, I hope this is a nice distraction from an already amazing day on Bastardly—thanks mainly to the flood of sexy S.I. layouts!

  • JPRichardson

    Still too thin. Cute face, although these pics don’t make her justice.

  • Peetee

    Curse you hard Orlando Bloom.

  • chanelle

    really really so sexy

  • Bastardly fan


  • hmmm

    Her face is weird looking

  • Blickerfield93277

    orlando bloom??? wow i heard this douchebag for months… why he is trying act like david stremme from the nascar sprint series driver??? team penseke can’t do this…

  • Blickerfield93277

    probably my mirrors are cracked… oww!!

  • Blickerfield93277

    sorry that the way u feel… probably watch some ama supercross then

  • dudester

    wtf happened to her ? Jesus, she’s been through some major transformation… I’d rate her 9.5 a year ago, she’s demoted to 8 now…

  • miranda sick

    i totally love her. but she is more of a lingerie model

  • Anonymoose

    I’d normally consider her legs too skinny but there’s something about them that brings me to attention.