Our Favorites From The 2009 Film Independent’s Spirit Awards

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

“The Wrestler” took top honors at the award show last night with trophies for Best Feature, Best Male Lead (Mickey Rourke) and Best Cinematography (Maryse Alberti). I don’t know how many of you bastards caught this movie, but I absolutely loved it. Now, “Slumdog Millionaire” is a great flick, but I feel like the “The Wrestler” is on a whole another level of cinema. Everything from acting to story to music was topnotch, so it’s really unfortunate that it will get passed up later tonight at the Academy Awards.

Anyway, enough with the babbling. While we await the flood of red carpet pics from the Oscars, here are some of our favorite pics from the Spirit Awards’ red carpet. Click each photo below for more pics of the chick…
Pictured: Rachelle Lefevre; Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin
Pictured: Mariah Carey; Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin
Pictured: Leonor Varela; Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin
Pictured: Eliza Dushku; Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin
Pictured: Dania Ramirez; Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin
Pictured: Padma Lakshmi; Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin
Pictured: Sandra Oh; Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

  • Boz

    Leonor Varela is like the combination of Ale and Virginie Ledoyen….

  • Peccavi

    The only one here even worth a comment is Eliza Dushku, And Sandra Oh? Really? That’s just wrong man.

  • Goliano

    Rosanne Barr/Sandra Bernhard would make a good pairing.

  • john

    Yeah i couldn’t think of Rosie O’Donnell’s name this morning
    so i guess you can thank my fickle memory for not waking up with an even more disturbing image

  • john

    dude you’re killing me
    Leonor Varela
    Eliza Dushku
    Dania Ramirez
    and then Sandra fucking Oh?
    that’s like throwing a Ellen DeGeneres/Barbra Walters strap-on scene in the middle of a porno
    not cool

  • svetlana

    page 4 wins!! great complexion and body, and I love her eyes, very cool almond shape

  • Moelicious

    It’s 9AM & I just read that Barb Walters comment.

    Not cool, John.

  • Rhonda

    Mickey Rourke is so gross and greasy and pathetic. He used to be good-looking when he was younger. I want to feel sorry for him, but I can’t because he did that to himself. He seems to be competing with Gary Busey for the craziest dude in Hollywood award.

  • Blowme

    Leonor is the hottest