Olivia Wilde @ Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party

Currently, Olivia Wilde plays Thirteen on House MD but for 2009 will be appearing in the movies, Year One and In NorthWood; both are in post-production. Year One is a Judd Apatow film with Jack Black and Michael Cera, you’ve probably already seen the trailer, so I think it should make atleast a few people laugh.

  • bobbyboy

    Olivia, mangia qualcosa!!!

  • martha

    when she will dye her hair back blonde?! this is the question i ask myself after i saw bastardly post where sshe had light hair. i liked her better that way

  • dd


    Enough said.

  • whateveryousay!!

    she looks like she has aids

  • Rumpelforeskin

    Social X-ray…

  • TORO

    NEED’s BOOB’s!!…n she will improve a lot!!

  • d_jologs

    her body is perfect for her size. She just looks tired, way too many parties to go to probably.