Update On Miranda Kerr’s Legs From Australia: STILL REALLY SEXY!

These were snapped over the weekend in Perth, Western Australia

It’s no wonder she shows them off whenever she’s out in public! Like we’ve always preached, “If you got it, then flaunt it!” (This goes for boobs, legs—whatever!)

  • Fuzzy_Bear

    Now that Adriana is off the market I have to concentrate all my karma points on getting her to dump Orlando in favor of me.

  • Dream Lover

    Had a dream about her last night . .

  • Mundo

    great looking as always.

  • cecily

    she gets botox injections at this young age.
    my friend is seeing a plastic surgeon, and his friend does all her work

  • dd

    There’s a difference between bony/skinny legs, and legs actually looking hot because they’re shapely.

    Shapely, they are not. Much like the rest of her.

  • johnny rotten


  • the difference of mirandas legs and the other lady in picture 4, is insaaanne!!!!! miranda is HOT. PERFECT body

  • larrion

    this chick has nothing on Lima!

  • chanelle

    stunning girl who always looks classy

  • WhoaJum

    She’s beautiful, but is it me or does she have a wierd line/dent on the front of her nose?

  • dorkus2

    those legs look like she’s about 14, but maybe that makes it even hotter thinking it’s jailbait.

  • Ugly Model1

    A bit chipmunkish but still nice.

  • Peetee


    Curse you Bloom.

  • d_jologs

    lovely Aussie!

  • cowbulls

    She can’t be evualated until she grows up.

  • dudester

    borderline anorexic