Melissa Theuriau Goes For A Run With Her Husband In Miami!

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Melissa is pictured burning some calories with her husband Jamel Debbouze.

Melissa Theuriau was one of our favorite chicks a couple years back—that is, of course, until she tied the knot with this dude. For those who care, the Wiki says Jamel is a “French actor, comedian and producer of Moroccan descent.” Along with his amazing sense of humor, I’m also sure Jamel has an 18″ cock as an extra layer of icing on the cake to attract hot chicks like Melisa Theuriau. Fucker.

For those of you rich bastards who live in South Beach & want to steal Melissa away from Jamel, hit up the ultra-exclusive Setai hotel. The French lovebirds are currently stationed inside one of their luxury suites. Ow!

Anyway, for those of you bastards who’ve forgotten Ms. Theuriau, we’ll remind you with a couple posts:
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  • Fuzzy_Bear

    She might be the hottest newscaster in the world — though I can imagine there is a pretty hot weather girl at some tiny South American TV station waiting to be discovered. The closest we have in the US is Erin Burnett though again I may be missing out on some “local talent”.

    Dude has skinnier arms and legs than she does. The fact she accepts a guy like that makes her even hotter in some ways.


    I swear 1 of his arms is retarded… SHE HAS STUNNING FACE, nice tits, but alittle to hippy for me..

  • MT89_INC0913

    i like french girls, cause there beautiful, puerto rico girls are too, russians and romanians too

  • ACE

    Courtney Friel is the hottest US newscaster, but Erin Burnett is hot as well. Foxnews has the hottest women in the news industry.


  • Annie

    That guy Djamel is a really famous stand-up comedian in France. He grew up a in a poor suburb and lost his hand under a suburban train when he was a kid. It doesn’t shock anyone here that melissa is his girlfriend! They even had a baby last year..

  • Ugly Model1

    Her breasts are a perfect 10. Anyway, there is truely hope for us that one day we will score some hot and famous chick.

  • Davis

    This is obviously the hottest weather girl ever.

    Jackie Guerrido: (It doesn’t get any better than this)

  • Kidd Kidder

    That dude must have a hole in his pocket. Easy access! (Just kidding.) The fisting sessions between these two must be freaky. (Not kidding.)

  • maz

    omg it’s the disabled guy from amelie!!!

  • Boner News

    Breaking News: I have a boner! Film at 11!!

  • gerard

    That dude played a retard in Amelie.

  • McPerv

    No way, Melissa’s twice as hot.