• AlinaMaria

    just change your gait. Make it look like you have a limp or something, you’ll be reet.

  • JayRizzle

    Dude is wearing women’s shoes in pic 2…I guess she likes em light in the pants.

  • lucie

    he *was still young (…) sry

  • Some Guy

    She looks great for someone who had a baby not long ago.

    I feel kinda uncomfortable looking at him. Good for her, though, for not being superficial.

  • TORO

    Her Face is so amazing…body is great!

  • rrrcraz

    many(not all) females like going out with average/ugly looking dudes, because they think since the dude is ugly no one else would want them;therefore, he would NEVER cheat on her.
    meanwhile he’s cheating on them with the 10 other women who think he’d never cheat on them.
    its a control thing.
    not a healthy relationship in my eyes.
    love isnt about control.



  • negator

    most comedians arent funny in real life

  • Tapper

    I have no chance in this life. I’m not wealthy, I don’t have any connections in the entertainment industry and I don’t have a 17-inch dick, either. Shit, now I find out that I need a physical defect to score and I don’t even have that.

  • DrTentacle

    well, that was a fap and a laugh.

  • horny guy

    If she wants to hang with a guy who’s happy…I’m available

  • JJ

    He’s a comedian. Women love funny dudes. Maybe he makes her laugh a lot.

  • lucie

    im french. well jamel had his train accident before he met her, he still young when it happened.
    BTW she had a child back in december, so she got back in shape pretty fast. Guess that’s why her tummy isn’t as flat as it used to be.

  • Boz

    That retard man gets to Melissa ass? that’s amazing.

  • dorkus2

    skinny ugly little fuk. and he looks really bored or annoyed by her attention. I say he’s 90% gay.

  • McPerv

    Damn where are the prego pics? I can’t believe she let this dude put his seed in her, I could’ve given her better stock.

  • maz

    i reckon he was really hot in amelie.. i didn’t even realise he had a dicky arm..
    have to be bad pictures, dudes hot.

  • AlinaMaria

    He looks like shes really pissing him off, or maybe its just because someones taking pictures of them. Shes gorgeous, really good figure.

  • moron_

    So what, good looking men don’t cheat? Nice try, but epic fail. Perhaps she just likes him.

  • Buck Nasty

    Fucking hairy ass dude w/ ladies shoes.

  • Raoul

    Show me a beautuful woman and i’ll show you a man who is tired of fucking her…

  • YHBT

    i wouldn’t say feminie but more like a t-rex. seroiusly, he has little dinosaur arms. IhaveAbigHEADandLITTLEarms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gag

    What a faggot! I cant believe he’s not even taking advantage of her.

  • Foxxy Celopatra

    Watching too many cartoons?

  • Stewie

    In fact, they’re usually sour, bitter and rough people, here in Brasil the biggest part of comedians are very bad humored, moody people, not funny outside their sketches and shows

  • lynn

    That is definately one unusual looking couple

  • whiteboy

    he looks like a monkey boy. Must have cash and a cock cuz i can’t see anything else.

  • JTchicago

    That’s fucking Hi-larry-ous! Money talks, BS walks. lol. Nice guys don’t get laid.

  • jennyla

    She looks like a fucking pedophile in the first picture. Gross!!

  • The Dude

    a piece of ass like that all over him and weasel boy there looks ready to pepper spray her..

  • rrrcraz

    all kinds of people cheat. THAT’s my point. many women date ugly guys because they seem least likely to cheat, ( a false notion that their opporunities to cheat are less likely, because of their ugliness) ugly guys can cheat as well as good looking ones, if not more.

  • moron_

    I was just being sarcastic on the good looking men comment because your phrasing makes it seem like an either/or case of human characteristics which as we all know is too simplistic and reductive of an explanation.

    Your premise implies that women only go out with average men as a means of control. This rubs me the wrong way because you strike out all other possibilities which are much likely in the realm of possibilities, like a good personality or even, dare I say, money. While it may be true that some women like control, this is a characteristic that is abusive and limited to only a small number of women. To say that many women date average to ugly men because they want control (because they think they won’t cheat) is the same as saying many men date sweet women as a means of control (because they won’t speak up when beaten). This is obviously not true. To control is abusive behavior and unhealthy, as you have said to yourself, so it does not follow that it is something that most of the female or male population would want out a relationship. The likelier scenario is that women date average to ugly men simply because there are more of them than super good-looking men (especially good-looking men who are successful) and because women are not as visually oriented as men are. Women seek stability more so than other qualities and stability by extension translates to both personality and socioeconomic status. Is it so difficult to imagine that she finds him to be suitable husband material because he’s a nice guy and because he can support her and their baby? Judging from these pictures, it even seems to be the case that she likes his company more than he likes hers. All people are likely to cheat, but I don’t think women or men go into a relationship thinking: “This person won’t cheat on me because he/she is average looking.” If anything, it’s more like: “This person is a NICE person, therefore I don’t think he/she is the type to cheat.”

  • sweet pea

    Trust me we get tired of banging you too! MEN!