Breaking! Megan Fox Sexing-up B.A.G. Again! Drives A Mercedes G550!

Photo Credit: GABO/BM/

First off, if you haven’t noticed it, the Mercedes G-ride is officially the new celebrity car. I swear, just over the past week, we’ve posted a couple celebs driving one of these $100k+ luxury SUVs around L.A. (Ashley Tisdale, Joe Jonas & more).
Photo Credit: GABO/BM/

Anyway, on to more important news: What the fuck is Brian Austin Green doing shopping around for furniture with Megan Fox? After all, didn’t they break-up recently?! Let’s hope he bought his way back in b/c let’s admit, if you have a few million “90210” dollars in the bank, it’s more than alright to drop $100k in order to have sex with Megan Fox again. I’d place around a $250k ceiling on Megan Fox’s ass, so from that standpoint, Mr. Super Douche got a bargain. Just look at this pic & tell me I’m wrong…
Photo Credit: GABO/BM/

  • Some Guy

    I told you not to believe they were done. Until they release a joint statement to that effect, I won’t believe anything the tabloids say.

  • Sir Percy of Scandia

    at first i thought those where from the af1 charles barkley pack but they not! silly me! what are they? I MUST KNOW! WHERE DID BAG GET SUCH FLY KICKS?!?!?!?!?!

  • Central Motorsports624

    her body is so amazing… pretty hair, amazing women!!!

  • TORO

    Why?? Why??….n BTW she look’s amazing as always!!…Mamacita!!! esta preciosa!!

  • MissCaribbean

    Nobody can do it like she does, she’s got this extra thing, don’t know what it is, but that sets her apart.

  • Bowser

    One of my favorite girls. Once again she’s looking damn good.

  • YHBT

    look at her the first pic but imagine how it really is. the G benz is really a trailer and she is 14 all over again standing lolita like teasing all the 30yr. beer gut men to stare and tell her how they want to fuck her.

  • Fuzzy_Bear

    Megan could be the number 1 box office porn actress of all time if she wanted to explore a different career path. Hopefully she won’t wait as long as Kelli McCarty to cash in.

  • Sierra

    Her body looks good.

  • Kyle

    Love that her lips are back to normal. Her body is insane! No one else takes better candids just walking around.

  • YHBT

    the MB g wagon is ugly and stupid. 100,250 for that? why does megan fox need that? she is not a soccer mom, oh wait, she needs it to drive this deadbeat and his kid around. haha.

  • anon

    to look “perfect” in jeans, you need a ghetto bootay. Megan, you fall flat..haha I couldn’t resist.

  • shandi

    why do all you guys have to keep bagging on BAG? he is hot as hell.

  • vanos28

    i guess is boring to repeat myself but i will say it again – she looks fine

  • betty

    she looks perfect in those jeans..

  • Hunter

    From the front she is beyond hot but her lack of ass sucks. She need to hit the stairmaster for a while and do some squats.

  • J

    I agree, she has no ass

  • J

    I freaking hate that douchebag BAG, look at his gay cardigan, Megan what the hell is wrong with you?

  • brent

    fucking hot but I hate her flat ass. I’m a titsandass man and she’s empty on both (pushup bra and chicken cutlets in there I think)

  • anon

    yes, I heard her natural color is that hazely yellowish crud color.

  • tap

    In every picture ever taken her eyes are blue. So unless she has worn those contacts non-stop since she was 15, blue is her natural colour.

  • lisa

    BAG is HOT!!!!! And Megan has a pancake type ass. (she is pretty though) She also seems really insecure about her boobs so that is a turnoff to me, not sure about you guys.



  • Tha Pancake Kid 22

    ah man, this girl, did it again…but she has no bum 🙁

  • averagedude

    I’d fuck her but I think she secretly lives in a trailer park and strips at the tavern for extra money. Jessica Biel exudes class, fitness and SEX all at the same time.

  • NR.pain III

    thats what fuckers do on pg #5, rush to take up the good spots and end up having fatal scent

  • NR.pain III

    sorry, my mistaken, i meant pg #4

  • Bellezza Italiana

    I’m just curious. I was talking to someone about Megan Fox and saying that I love her blue eyes-dark hair combo, I think its striking but was told her eyes are actually brown-that she wears contacts, does anyone know if this is true?