Aubrey O’Day: DUB Magazine, April/May 2009

Aubrey O’Day has gone from Complex to Playboy and now appears in DUB Magazine. So that ’72 Chevelle SS below is (supposedly) Aubrey’s favorite of her cars. Anyways, after reportedly getting paid $500k to pose for Playboy (which was a bunch of photoshop/airbrushing/CGI), Aubrey has said that she’s totally down to whore herself out again for another easy paycheck from Hef. Obviously she needs to do something to earn some money and pay for things like the ’72 Chevelle SS because unless she’s releasing an album with Diddy, she’s not making any music soon.

“I absolutely want to do it again, any day. I’ve been asked to actually,” O’Day told Tarts last week. “I only took a little bit off this time so I’ll be back.”

“I get sent a lot of creepy pictures like of guys licking the pages,” she admitted. “It’s slightly weird.”

“Everything in life happens for a reason. A lot of people last year were fired, we are in a recession,” O’Day admitted. “We are all going thru hard times. I’m just a public representative for being fired in 2008 and moving on in 2009.” Source

  • Lana Zass

    yep the t-shirt says ‘lesbian’ that’s cuz she came out as a bisexual, and that she can have a relationship with a woman as well

  • Lili


  • Big Papi

    The sad part about the cars are that she’s probably the typical stupid bimbo that just puts gas in it and expects it to run forever. Neglecting the precious maintenance those muscle cars need.

  • Trollboy

    Total waste of a hot set of wheels. She should be driving a broken down Pinto.

  • Tha Pancake Kid 22

    nice car, but it aint no Mustang…be still my beating heart. ps, has she left that shite group she was the backing dancer for?

  • Tha Pancake Kid 22

    and on picture 4, does her t-shirt say ‘lesbian’? weird girl man, weird

  • Brett

    She isn’t ugly. She is fat though – out of shape. She should not show all her shit all the time, unless she wants to get back in shape like when she was when she first joined the band. She was hot then anddd back then she could pull off her ugly style, fake tan & all the makeup she wears.

  • Rhonda

    I love her car.

  • jjm

    Everyone know that year car needs Cragar wheels! Stupid bitch!

  • major

    who is this?

  • Frost

    If they’d shot any pictures of her on the car for playboy, she would’ve been camouflaged.