You have a very valid point, but she should have worn a shorter dress and then matched the hair and match up with the shorter dress.

    I don’t watch the show, so I don’t know if she can sing or not. She is beautiful, though.

    With her sexy legs, she should always wear a shorter dress.


  • Goliano

    Jeezus Krist! The guy only said he wants to see some leg! Talk about being anal!

  • Mike_20

    Unable to get any clips playing. Got all the stuff. iTunes, Flash and several media players.. Any help?

  • Rach_86
  • chin creases

    she is pretty but that dress is not, her tatt hmmmm…I don’t know, it’s alright I guess

  • Stud

    She’s actually quite a good singer if you like her soulful/blusey singing voice. I must say even though those tats look out of place on her banging bod at least she carries a distinction from the rest of the singers on the show. I also commend her for singing while she was sick. That TAKES DILIGENCE.

  • DinaStrange

    She is pretty but nothing special. Just pretty. The dress would be okay if she had her hair down and no tattoo…

  • jennyla

    yeah okay that tatoo is fucking hideous

    i dont watch american idol because its fucking gay

    Seriously tough, ugly ass tattoo!!

  • Fuzzy_Bear

    I don’t watch the show, so when I saw these pics I thought, “Hey when did Reese Witherspoon suddenly get a hotter body.” I still haven’t seen Walk the Line.

  • ACE

    The only thing wrong here is the length of her dress. She needs to show off the goods.

  • moron_

    Her hair and makeup are too formal for a shorter dress so I disagree with you here, and with the striking way the dress fits her boobs she would have looked slutty with a shorter dress. I’m not too fond of the color of the dress, but other than that, she looked amazing, stunning even. I like her sound, very Adele-like, and she should always play up her beauty. And she is such a classic beauty, I don’t know why she’d ruin it with those tattoos.

  • Rach_86

    don’t listen 2 ACE..he’s a boring old Betty.

  • Caitie Harmful


    people who can’t handle tats on women are repressed pieces of shit.

  • Caitie Harmful


    THANK YOU!!!!

  • anna

    I am SO SICK and tired of dudes saying a tattoo ruins a girl girl and girls shouldn’t have tattoos. It’s the year 2009. Women are going to get tattoos, they don’t have to be sqeaky clean, why is it alright for dudes to get tattoos but not women. I think her tattoo looks great, maybe her tattoo means something to her. She sings amazingly, is sexy as hell, is beautiful, is confident and unique. When are men gona understand that women don’t live FOR YOU? We live for our own happiness and joy. I bet whoever her bf or gf is love her tattoo and your stupid cliche understanding of a beauty of a woman doesn’t matter in the slightest to her. Dorks. You guys are old fashioned.

  • roggo1

    Allison is better than this one. And tattoos are stupid. Especially on girls.

  • Leni

    such a gorgeous girl, I like her voice and I think the tat’s sexy.

  • Sherry

    I so agree. Her tattoos are a beautiful juxtaposition to her beauty. She gorgeous and her tattoos look great!

  • sheri

    Tatoos make a girl look slutty and I guess girls with tats like to be slutty. She is hot but the tatoo kills it. Tatoos just broadcast whats on a girl’s mind all the time.
    And that is “cock”.

  • MeganJoyisdabomb

    She’s a totally hot MILF!!!!!!!! I would do her, but her husband would kick my ass!!!!!! Call me Megan.