• Big Papi

    Somebody give him a Tupac lead salad already.

  • ninja…

    Fiddy: “Come on if you can knock out a gold tooth it’s yours.”

    Fiddy: *nobody knows that I have soxs embroidered on my hat… and hat embroidered on my soxs… oblivious punk mothafuckas!”

    Fiddy: ” Hi sir. How would you like to have reliable car insurance, for only 50 cents a day? …You would? Ok, just listen to my ipod… hehe, i kinda rap the whole contract to you. Thought’d be cute bitch!”

    Fiddy: “I rap about shooting gangstas in the face. Yet Mohammad from Wisconsin gets a body cavity search. Cause i’m famous motha, fuck, bitch, ho, chicken head, ghetto rats…”

    Fiddy: “Did anybody watch last night’s lifetime movie? The ending broke my heart… HUH!? What there’s cameras here? OKAY WHO WANTS THE TASTE SLAPPED OUT THERE MOUTH FIRST *secretly thinks… “bitch ass paps are cutting into my episode of wife swap*!!!

    Fiddy: “You better still know who I am and be a motherfucking fan… or… I’ll… put out another album and try to win you back…

    Fiddy: My motto is: Watch the nickels and the dimes. The bills will take care of themselves. word fiddy…”

  • Anonymous

    Two Quarters is just pathetic…

  • Mundo

    So who peeeed in his Wheaties?

  • jjm

    “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka!”