Kim & Kourtney Kardashian @ TV Guide’s Sexiest Stars Party

These were snapped last night in Hollywood.

Two pieces of news on Kim Kardashian & Fam:

1. Kim Kardashian has a hot new layout in Complex Magazine that’s worth hitting up.
2. The new season of the family’s reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” premiered earlier this month. Catch new episodes every Sunday @ 10/9c on E! TV. More info here.

  • McPerv

    Kim = Perfect

  • Some Guy

    Kim’s face reminds me of Joe Camel.

  • Mundo

    I like Kourtney’s body much more then Kim’s…if only she was prettier…not saying she’s ugly..but not that attractive.

  • Big Papi

    Nasty armenian shit. I guess someone left the side door open at this event.

  • Player

    Kim is hot but her face looks like it was ironed or something its too perfect.

  • 3MTA3

    anyone who doesn’t think Kim is hot is totally gay

  • Rumpelforeskin

    Both girls are hot but I hate it when women wear these diaper dresses…

  • Rhonda

    Kim looks especially stunning in these pics. Absolutely perfect from head to toe. The only imperfect thing about these pics is Kourtney.

  • Goliano

    So sweet… so fine…

  • Michelle

    Yo, did kim get some work done on her face????,,,she’s looking weird.

  • Greg

    I have always had a thing for Kourtney. I just want to have her all day and night.

  • Rocco Tano

    They both look great obviously, but after seeing her sex tape, I’m convinced that Kim is the shittiest sexual partner; lazy and annoying when trying to fake an orgasm (“Fuck, Bay-BEE!”)

  • babygirl2000

    kim isnt attractive i agree with joe camel comment

  • Goliano

    When did that sex tape come out, 2 maybe 3 years ago? People improve with time, and maybe it was her partner who made the tape boring.