Audrina Patridge @ MTV Australia Awards 2009

Seriously, Audrina Patridge has these “leaked” nude photos of herself to thank for all the attention she’s received the last year. Who’s idea was it to hire her for the gig to co-host these awards?

  • ztalo

    she’s wearing the same sandals heidi montag wears at hiltons birthday bash!

  • Vector Chemique721

    pretty, but reminds me blade the movie, with that eye shadow crap…

  • Little Miss Vixen

    errrr….the link leads to ashley tisdales mexico vacation…???

  • Kristin

    Very nice legs. :)~

  • Bellezza Italiana

    I would love to comment but I can’t see any pictures!! At least now I can read comments again. Why can’t I see anything on this site now though, its fuckin weird.

  • junglegirl

    she’s even uglier than usual

  • balls of doom

    dr doom Pictures, Images and Photos

    I think if they wanted to make failure into a cologne, they would just bottle up this post (and a few others)!


  • Acemeister

    She is an empty headed manniquin… Fake boobs, fake personality and a vacuous look about her that screams “airhead”… What is she famous for, anyway?

  • The Genius

    Caitie Harmful
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    “I think I know who this anonymous douche is: Jessica Alba.”

    comment of the century.

    ^ ^ ^ fully agree, Catie Harmful– i wish it would harm slobba— you KNOW she googles her name every chance she gets, that insecure cunt with the BIGGEST ego, she makes tom cruise look humble!!!

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    THAT BITCH! I knew I hated that bitchass Albatrash for a reason. Talking shit about me and my buds.

    I’m waiting for the next Albatrash post so I can agree with everything you say, Wise One.

    ^ ^ ^ was she really talking smack??????
    what a dumb cunt. useless, worthless and lets not forget FUGLY!!! just like her fat gross ULTRA FUG spawn!!!!

  • Dr. Smooth

    It’s official I must have a piece of Audrina.