Ashley Tisdale & Brenda Song: Today’s Lesbian Sex Fantasy

More snaps from the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2009.

We already reported yesterday that Ashley’s got a second album coming out later this year, Guilty Pleasure. As for Brenda Song, she’s got a couple movies this year. Boogietown and the sequal to her Wendy Wu movie that really put her on the map. Hell, I even did a Wendy Wu post back in 2006 without really even knowing who the hell Brenda Song was.

  • mike2004


  • TORO

    The asian one is nice…

  • RoastedNuts

    Tisdale, without a doubt.

  • Some Guy

    They’re both far from hot, so seeing them get it on would probably be the anti-Viagra.

    Lesbian porn is kinda boring anyway.

  • ACE

    Ashley is so sexy. I can’t think of another female celebrity that cleans up as well as Ashley does on the red carpet or orange carpet in this case.

  • Goliano

    Sexy legs RULE! Song FTW!

  • Just Me

    I’d bang either of them, but I’d rather watch them bang each other!

  • Jack the Reaper


  • Goliano

    What’s wrong sPam, dumbla’s using the strap-on this week?

  • free2bone

    Dang ya’ll I heard Brenda has 4 brothers so you know at least one of them has thought about hitting that.I know I know incest is wrong but could you picture your sister looking like Brenda.

  • Brenda’s brother

    Yeah, Brenda’s my sister and we’re very close. i jerk off while thinking about her pretty face sucking on my cock. i think about my sister’s thick ass and legs and how i want to fuck her in the butthole! Brenda begs for cum then i shoot it in her mouth and she swallows! Don’t get me wrong, I love my sister! If only she would let me fuck her in the ass the way her big dicked boyfriend was when i saw them having anal sex!