SHOCKING! Audrina Patridge Actually Won An Award @ 2009 ShoWest

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Any guesses as to which award Audrina Patridge won? We have a few ourselves, but I think they’re a bit inappropriate…

  • Rebby

    Damn her legs are ugly..

  • mr_hankey

    I would say “most media attention without notable achievement”, but that award is always for Paris Hilton.

  • Some Guy

    Ugh, it pains me to admit that I find her hot in these pics.

    I guess I’ll go sit in the corner . . .

  • rufus

    Best Hummer in a supporting role?

    Awful looking legs.

  • Player

    I think she is hot but she needs someone to help her get dressed i.e. stylist. She is more capable with jeans and t-shirts and certainly bikinis!

  • s

    dem cankles are ridiculous. ridiculously nasty.

  • LauraLizzie

    She just got busted with a busted face, common

  • Big Papi

    Must have been one of those “special” events where everyone goes home feeling like a winner.

  • RoastedNuts

    I think she looks hot here as usual

  • Ugly Model1

    For some reason her photos always give me instantaneous erection.

  • reba


  • yah yah

    i don’t care what you hypocrites say, audrina is hot!

  • Max Papis9 fan

    her legs drives me nuts… oh god…