Jennifer Love Hewitt: Maxim Magazine, May 2009. Playboy Next?

Note: This is a Photoshop recreation of Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Playboy? Yeah right…

Even though Jennifer Love Hewitt’s popular CBS drama Ghost Whisperer is currently in its fifth season, many Bastardly Horndoggs are still stubbornly convinced that since JLH has nothing big going for herself at the moment, and therefore, this is the perfect time for her to take it all off for Playboy.

We’ve been saying this on Bastardly for years, but to tell be honest, knowing how Playboy graphic designers work their Photoshop magic on all its beautiful subjects, I don’t know whether it really matters if Jennifer takes it all off or not b/c let’s admit it, ultimately we’d just be seeing some heavily airbrushed drawing of a chick who used to be hot.

And just because I know you don’t give a shit, here’s an amusing snippet from the interview:

I hope you bastards enjoy checking out the rest of J.Love’s Maxim shoot