Jennifer Love Hewitt: Maxim Magazine, May 2009. Playboy Next?

Note: This is a Photoshop recreation of Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Playboy? Yeah right…

Even though Jennifer Love Hewitt’s popular CBS drama Ghost Whisperer is currently in its fifth season, many Bastardly Horndoggs are still stubbornly convinced that since JLH has nothing big going for herself at the moment, and therefore, this is the perfect time for her to take it all off for Playboy.

We’ve been saying this on Bastardly for years, but to tell be honest, knowing how Playboy graphic designers work their Photoshop magic on all its beautiful subjects, I don’t know whether it really matters if Jennifer takes it all off or not b/c let’s admit it, ultimately we’d just be seeing some heavily airbrushed drawing of a chick who used to be hot.

And just because I know you don’t give a shit, here’s an amusing snippet from the interview:

I hope you bastards enjoy checking out the rest of J.Love’s Maxim shoot

  • Big Papi

    Great photoshoot! I could rub one out to this….

  • shaun

    All the photoshop cannot hide the fact that she is now an old, ageing has-been. She better prostittue herself to some Turkish or Arab businessman else she will never get a man to impregnate her and start a family.

  • Rhonda

    She looks pretty good here. Great boobs and hair.

  • Ugly Model1

    I would hit it at least once.

  • wiseblood

    she looks like a fucking photohshop sketch. big fucking deal. they can make the ugliest bastards look wonderful in photoshop.

    this is just lame. jennifer cunt hewitt has seen better days. she hit her prime in 1996 and has never looked better than that ever. as a matter of fact it’s been a rapid plunge downhill ever since.

    in 1996 she was 17. she is now 30 and looks horrible. good for your regular neighborhood whore mom, but not a playboy celebrity.

  • Some Guy

    She looks good, despite the heavy Photoshopping.

    Maxim and their “interviews” are so shitty.

  • Dr. Fill

    Nice try, Love Hewitt. Even your fucking toes looked digitally enhanced. Other than your milk tits, you have nothing to offer, which is why the only guys who will fuck you are some out of work Scottish actor and Jamie Fucking Kennedy, who is heinous.

  • ThatsJustWrong

    She looks nowhere near as good as she use to even photoshopped to death and with plastered on makeup. All they show is her cleavage which is the only thing nice on her now. Even her legs have been thinned out, I highly doubt she lost those thick ass ankles within a couple days. She should just give it up.

  • The Dude

    airburshed or not,still hotter then what most of you will ever get. suck it haters.

  • RockHard

    What she says on Pic #4 is why I say she should GET NAKED while she can

  • Max Papis9 fan

    maxim sucks!!! its odd for these photoshoppers for overusing that shit

  • bkala

    photoshopped legs

  • Just Drums

    The Dude nailed it.

  • Abject Failure

    I would tear that up and leave her feeling humiliated and completely unsatisfied.

  • 16HornyBoy16

    who here is gonna jack al day to her like meee

  • me

    Does she only date gay men?
    What other kind of men seriously ‘worry’ let alone care if they have the ‘coolest shirt in the room’ LOL