Ali Larter @ “Grey Gardens” Premiere in Hollywood


Have you seen the trailer for Ali Larter’s new movie, Obsessed? Forget that Beyonce is in the movie, too bad this movie is only rated PG-13. Imagine if it was rated R… some of those Ali Larter scenes truly would be nude!

  • Some Guy

    She’s very hot.

    “Obsessed,” meanwhile, looks like pandering, semi-racist bullshit. Fortunately, it will be forgotten the week after its release.

  • plulu

    Tit’s do not a beauty make. Otherwise Pam Anderson would be the pinnacle of loveliness. Ali is sexy sexy sexy. They don’t make em like her very often. Good face, pretty eyes, great ass…LEGS FOR DAYS and that VOICE! Lord have mercy!

  • Fuzzy_Bear

    The writing on Heroes must be really pathetic to completely fail to harness this woman’s hotness and acting abilities. People (or maybe just I) would have even forgiven the writers if they totally ripped off the Mystique character from X-men and made Ali a bad-ass, blue skinned villain.

  • chase87

    Doesn’t look as good without make-up. But yeah she does have a great body so who cares.

  • I Fucked All of Sleater-Kinney and They Were Fucking Great

    Her tits are fucking flawless. She is a 10. Some of you need to stop dreaming about sucking on your mommy’s chee-chees and grow up.

  • Erok8150

    ali larter is SMOKIN HOT.
    as a black man i am Offended at the movies Black male character for not having the Decency to make the right choice.
    in a contest of Boring, pretentous,Pompous,Overweight Beyonce vs Smokin hot white bitch Ali Larter.
    Ali larter would win.

  • AlinaMaria

    So whats the point in going to see the movie wen the trailer tells you exactly what is going to happen. Stupid.

  • Goliano

    And why is it called a “trailer”? Trailers follow, but movie trailers precede the movie. Hmm…

  • Rhonda

    She’s perfect from head to toe. I love her smile…it’s gorgeous. She seems like a ray of sunshine. In my opinion, she’s the most beautiful, underrated, and underused actress in Hollywood.

  • Kristin

    Hot from head to toe and back up again from toes to head. 🙂

  • Miki