IT’S ABOUT TIME!! United Airlines To Make Fat People Pay Double!

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These were snapped a couple days back as Kelly Osbourne was spotted leaving club Mahiki in London.

After slapping travelers with a wide array of extra fees for extra legroom or baggage, United Airlines is finally taking the next logical step: Charge fat people.

I think everyone (unless, of course, you’re fat) has gone through the awkwardness of sitting next to some heavy-breathing fat person who takes up more than his particular share of the seat. It’s not only kinda gross, but it’s obviously also very intrusive—especially if you’re trapped on a fully booked international flight across the world.

Anwyay, with two-thirds of all Americans who are clinically obese, it was only a matter of time an airline would force fat people to buy an extra ticket for their right ass cheek. Here are the details for all you Bastardly Travelers:

United Airlines will start charging obese passengers for a second seat on flights on or after March 4 for travel on or after April 15.

According to United’s Web site, the policy relates to passengers fitting the following criteria:

Unable to fit into a single seat in the ticketed cabin
Unable to properly buckle the seatbelt using a single seatbelt extender
Unable to put the seat’s armrests down when seated
Passengers falling under any of those criteria will be relocated next to an empty seat.

If no unused seats are available, the customer must either purchase an upgrade to a cabin with available seats or change to the next available flight and purchase a second seat.

Customers who meet the criteria and do not purchase the second seat will not be allowed on the flight.

“Please understand that we care a great deal about all of our customers’ well-being, and we have implemented this policy to help ensure that everyone’s travel experiences with United are comfortable and pleasant,” United said on its Web site. [BizJournal]

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