Paris Hilton & Doug Reinhardt Went Out In London!

Photo Credit: BIG PICTURES/

Paris Hilton and Ultra-Cool Doug Reinhardt were in London with the intention of keeping a low profile but that wasn’t going to happen. Of course, you know Doug will be out to self-promote his ultra-coolness and well Paris, she’s Paris.

Looks like Paris wasn’t too happy with all the cameras that she decided to lock herself in a nightclub bathroom.

Paris was by far the star of the evening as I witnessed her rule the club, clear the toilets and lock herself in the ladies for 20 minutes – two burly bouncers guarded the door.

The reason being, Paris got a little teary eyed as she wasn’t expecting the paparazzi attention. ‘I didn’t expect this much attention, i just came to show my support for Guy’s charity.’ She told me. Source