Breaking!! Hilary Duff Drinks Regular Coke, Sprite Zero & Bud Light!

Hilary Duff was spotted at a Vons in L.A. over the weekend with her NHL boy-toy, Mr. Mike Comrie. I really think she needs to move on from this dude to someone else in the entertainment industry.

So what if he bought her a Mercedes G500?! I’m pretty sure Hils has given him a ton of long nights filled with tantric sex in return, so she shouldn’t feel guilty over dumping him. Even though he’s probably a nice guy at heart (has “chump” written all over him), at the end of the day, the guy does nothing for Hilary’s career. Seeing how she’s only 21 at the moment, every action—where she sleeps, who she sleeps with, where she shits, etc, etc should be motivated by one question: “How will this action help my career.”

Anyway, that’s Quality Bastardly Advice Hilary should follow with her eyes closed. Trust us, Hilary.