Brittany Flickinger: Bikini Photoshoot!

Yeah, so Brittany Flickinger and Paris Hilton are no longer BFF. So what, who cares? Paris is busy continuously infecting Doug Reinhardt with a new STD everyday while Brittany is parlaying her 15 minutes of fame into a bikini photoshoot that we shouldn’t even care about. Well, as far as we know, she does like going out in a bikini.

  • Uncertified Bastard

    Aright, so maybe she’s not the hottest piece on here, but she’s so average-teen looking and the photography is so amateur…I feel like a total molester looking at it.


  • Fred

    I agree with the previous post but without the detailed graphics. Britt was pretty cute on that TV show, and now she’s cashing in a little. She’s got a cute face and is willing to get a little trashy. Hell yeh!

  • Bolt Uprite

    Those are some NASTY bruises on her left knee…I wonder if Paris had her kneecapped.

  • Ish Kabibble

    ..derka derka kabba babba boo….

  • lerch

    ha ha okay I get it Ed

  • Erok8150

    What the FUCK are thost two indian dudes talking about?
    any way id do Ms Flickinger in the butt.

  • TORO

    She’s fine…not the sexiest girl ever but very HOT..i like her!

  • slutternutter

    who’s this, a 12 year old boy?!

  • Edward Yang

    She’s hot. If she wasn’t on that dumbass show and you saw her out in public and she was sucking on an ice tea and looking at you and licking the tip of her straw and pointing down at her tits and then looking at you and mouthing the words, “I want you to fuck me,” and winking at you and deepthroating her straw and spreading her legs and looking at you and pointing down at crotch and you looked and you saw that she wasn’t wearing any panties and that she was clean, shaved and she kept staring at you and she mouthed the words, “I want to suck your cock,” and she was really stroking her straw, trying to make the straw cum, and she was looking at you and she pointed at you and mouthed the words, “I want you inside me,” well, trust me, you would get excited, and when you got home you would tell all of your friends that that chick from that dumb ass show was looking at you and pointing at her pussy and mouthing the words, “Fuck me hard,” and no one would believe you and the ones who did would say,”That girl is nasty,” and you would defend her, you would you would you would.

  • Goliano

    *hits Back button on page 2*

  • a

    shes the back up dancer on Yultron’s new music video.

  • someone who lived with her

    well i’ve already hit it twice;) it was pretty good