Rihanna Drinks Corona While @ Sandy Lane Beach in Barbados

Remember the night when Chris Brown beat up Rihanna? Well, now she’s back in court trying to get back the nearly $1.4 million in jewelry she was wearing that night.

…filed a motion Tuesday asking that Los Angeles police and prosecutors return a pair of earrings and three rings, which were seized as evidence.

The motion states that Brown’s attorney, and a Los Angeles Police Department detective overseeing the case, do not object to the return of the items. They have agreed that photographs can be used if the case goes to trial, the documents state. Source

  • Bowser

    Corona is overrated

  • TORO

    Fuck you all…she look’s fine n HOT!!..amazing body!!

  • junglegirl

    gross from weave to toes

  • jesses

    shes been working out or doing something.her body seems better than ever.

  • Cookie.

    Never realized she had ass until now. Her body’s perfect. Hair? Notsomuch.

  • TORO

    So overrated…that’s mexico worst beer!! only american’s drink it…

  • EricJ

    Losers keep hating because there isn’t an ugly thing on that woman. I could careless about what is on the top of her head. Her body is sick. I am willing to bet you all the hateful comments are from women. Keep defending your woman beater and leave Riri alone. Damn, I can’t stand women like that. Calling her ugly won’t make you beautiful. You may feel like you are but you are not. The last pic is amazing.

  • McPerv

    I’m sure she likes rough sex.

  • MichelleJoyster

    it is not underaged drinking because she is 21. nice legs, rihanna. don’t let the chris brown lunatics bring you down. those ignorant women are doing their best to break rihanna and i am glad she is not letting them get to her. also, drink something else. Corona is nasty.

  • plulu

    Very cute girl. Nice torso. Healthy skin. She is hot. I’m not sure what some of you are looking at. The hair rocks too!

  • Daniel P

    Did you stop to think that maybe the drinking age in Barbados is lower than 21?