Bai Ling @ Rally For Kids With Cancer Scavenger Hunt

Here’s part of Bai Ling’s deep shit take on this past weekend’s scavenger hunt… this is only the first paragraph, there’s even more!!!

Sunday unfolded very slow with me, like a slow motion movie as my curtain is still half way open and the sunlight is whispering but gently like my grandmother’s kiss……….Yes Sunday meant to be slow, as it is for the sun to dance and shine not us, we are just children in its orange heated garden of lights bathing and breathing……. I still can see that little 14th girl’s face and her happy smile and her bright eyes with a lot of wonders, she sits on the table next to me with her family, then end of the evening her father bring her to me; ” Could my daughter take a picture with you? ” ” Of cause!” I said immediately, in fact I should be asking to take a picture with her, then her father took a picture with me too. just by looking at her face and the pure smile, the eyes with lights, that is so pure and innocent, she is not polluted, she is still the yang beautiful being that is so hungry for life for beauty, but she dose not even know what a bright light she shines on others on us on me, this is why she is so beautiful, because she dose not know but just live and breath naturally on her own and give, yes, this is what I am talking about, nature’s art and magic…… Her Blog