Bai Ling Attended A Benefit for Kids With Cancer

The scanvenger hunt event was held to benefit the Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles.

And, here’s some morning wisdom from Bai Ling:

I KNow this is kind of ridicules’ but just so you know what a push up bra can do and you don’t need to have plastic surgery, I normally would not post or talk about things like this, but in the modern world this is what woman consurd, because they think this is what men like, big bobs, I never understand why so huge in America some of the woman’s breasts so huge, i mean huge, I used to wonder what have they eat when they growing up? and what is inside?rice? Or what kind of spicies they are? why so huge? Like the blue eyes so fascinating to me. But the huge bobs are just really out of their body like the blooms ready to popped open any giving moment with 188.99 hot fresh popcorn explode directly shooting at your lovely burned just after facial tender face, how would be comfortable to touch and to be touched, and to carry around, and when you make love, I bit a lots of unspoken words in between floating in the bed room air. I don’t know why we think they are so beautiful? It was scary one time I saw someone in the playboy mention, wow, I followed her just to watch the bloom dance up and down like the over sized boats in a tiny small pool……well they are fun to look at, but I would hope men are telling woman the truth, so we don’t have to go out of our way to please them and to torturing our soul and eventrully make oueself more ridicules and unbearable to watch and to live. I think over sized bobs take a person’s life away, because of the unbalanced size, then that become the center of their lives, then that center become all they have ever have. [Read More]

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For the first time I should agrre with her "philosophical" message

The huge boobs are taking control of everyone's minds, remember that hot Brasilian model that fell of on the runway 2x last week ? So, she was on cast of the local Big Brother, and after she was kicked, she signed a Playboy contract and 5 days before the photo shoot she had surgery to put some implants, she put 350 ml on each side, then she went to that Fashion Show in which she fell, so probably her balance was harmed after the implants, who knows