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Kate Moss @ 2009 MET Costume Institute Gala Benefit


Filed under “Do we care?” is Kate Moss’ relationship with Jamie Hince of The Kills reportedly not going well. Word is that Jamie befriended some Australian chick that did PR on his tour and odds are she’s probably hot and had sex with her while Kate was at home. Go figure.

“Word reached her that Jamie became quite friendly with Nicci. She cut short her holiday to the Maldives with Jamie earlier this year because they were fighting so much. Now she and Jamie haven’t seen each other for weeks. She hasn’t (even) wanted to join him on tour,” Source

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La Dinger
La Dinger

I agree. She is beautiful. And she's getting prettier the older she gets, for some reason.


hell yessss. this woman is of the highest and most elite echelon of supermodels. in her thirties and still going...the original crack ho baby, completely personifies heroin chic on a daily basis. most amazing style ever, she can pull off anything. those almond eyes and that elusive stare, those sullen cheeks, that emaciated frame...it sounds like i'm crazy for admiring this about her, but she just has a very enigmatic beauty. it shouldn't work, but it does.