Ali Lohan Wore Denim Booty Shorts To Go Shopping!

As a follow-up to Ali’s recent jailbait bikini pics from Maui, now she’s out shopping with older sis Lindsay and I swear, we’ve probably seen Lindsay wearing that same outfit before (i.e. tight booty shorts and a tanktop).

It was recently discussed about Lindsay being a hazard to Ali. Yeah, probably… you think!??

“The course Ali is taking appears to be more in the direction of copying than in shrinking from the cameras and the revelry,” he said.

Besides the risk of having Ali try to emulate an older sib who’s engaged in some negative behaviors, there’s the danger that she’s not getting enough parental attention because so much of it is focused on Lindsay.

“When you are a sister of the woman the world watches and who is seemingly more heat than light, you can get lost in the attempt to get attention,” Ablow said. “It’s like sibling rivalry on steroids, and to step out of that kind of energy is like stepping out of a tornado and hoping to not get chewed up as you step out of it.” Source