Ali Lohan Wore Denim Booty Shorts To Go Shopping!

As a follow-up to Ali’s recent jailbait bikini pics from Maui, now she’s out shopping with older sis Lindsay and I swear, we’ve probably seen Lindsay wearing that same outfit before (i.e. tight booty shorts and a tanktop).

It was recently discussed about Lindsay being a hazard to Ali. Yeah, probably… you think!??

“The course Ali is taking appears to be more in the direction of copying than in shrinking from the cameras and the revelry,” he said.

Besides the risk of having Ali try to emulate an older sib who’s engaged in some negative behaviors, there’s the danger that she’s not getting enough parental attention because so much of it is focused on Lindsay.

“When you are a sister of the woman the world watches and who is seemingly more heat than light, you can get lost in the attempt to get attention,” Ablow said. “It’s like sibling rivalry on steroids, and to step out of that kind of energy is like stepping out of a tornado and hoping to not get chewed up as you step out of it.” Source

  • no

    Hey Bastardly, if I wanted to look at 15 year old girls, I’d go read 4chan. More women, less… whatever the fuck this is.

  • Stone Cold

    BEWARE…… DANGER: Skank in training. Do not approach. Run as far away as fast as you can.

  • Bellezza Italiana
  • jennyla

    she looks alot like their mom, i think she look good, but at the same time shes still ugly.

  • Bellezza Italiana
  • Dr. Seuss

    I will think about beating off to Picture Number 4 and get back to you when I have made my decision. Either way, Ali is hot, Lindsay is hot, they are both hot, and I would fuck both of them, and any guy who likes pussy would. The end.

  • Bellezza Italiana

    and one more sorry for all the posting, thought the fellas (and some ladies) would appreciate if they haven’t seen them yet. I know she is a favorite on this site


    Is it just me or does she look as if she is letting out the fart of the century in the first picture?

  • Caitie Harmful

    i can’t even think of anything to say about Ali. Lindsay looks nice…i’m digging her dress & those shoes. and her hair looks nice.

  • no

    One of the few girls in the world that makes somebody like Miley Cyrus look classy.

  • Some Guy

    She looks horrible. Way too skinny, and way too young to be wearing something like that.

    Poor girl doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of turning out right.

  • Goliano

    Admit it, Bellezza… you’re the one who hacked her comp.

  • junglegirl

    It’s time to eat a sandwich when your vertebrae starts showing through your skin like that.


    If you can’t look hot at 15 there is little hope. Where are the Cassie photos?

  • Bellezza Italiana

    shhhh you promised!

  • Rebby

    Ali looks prego in pic 9

  • Mundo

    Nice pic…and cute little thing…with pics like this, can’t help but being an old

  • shauna

    She looks at least 28-30 year old. I feel sorry for her.

  • the randy 1

    Where’s Cinderella? I see the two ugly step sisters.

  • The-Phantom-Writer

    …. i don’t understand why so many families figure if one can make it so can the rest… i mean at least with the jackson 5 they pushed the star and got the rest a steady paycheck in the background…

    These parents need to put their children in their rightful place…

    Take Lindsay for example… say she was still a star… have her be… idk an intern and Ali could be some walk on role you know… so everyone gets some credit and money in the bank

  • KimmyGee

    I am very sorry…but I think she is SO EFFIN UGLY!

    DAMN.I even think she’s down there with Amy Winehouse and Serena Williams. shit! My eyes hurt.

  • dorkus2

    eewww, that first shot is not the same hot chick from the beach posting yesterday.

  • joey

    Miley Cyrus is ugly. Period.

  • joey

    Ali doesn’t look as hot in these photos as she did on the beach. The glasses are too dorky, and the visible front inner pockets are too tacky. After seeing both Lohan sisters together, I’d have to say that Ali’s face is prettier than Lindsay’s. Given the choice between the two, I’d rather bone Ali because her young, tight ass on page 4 is so delicious!

  • Hugh G. Rection

    Looks like all the drugs Lindsay is doing are affecting Ali by proxy. The poor girl looks like she’s 35 years old.

  • miley virus

    that makes alot of sense