Jesse Jane Bikini Pics From Miami Beach! Ow!

This probably won’t come as a surprise, but we actually have an extensive Jesse Jane category here at Bastardly.

And for those of you who don’t know this woman, here’s an intro:

Jesse Jane (born July 16, 1980 in Fort Worth, Texas) is an American pornographic actress and model.

In August 2002, she was named “Miss Photogenic” by the American Dreams Pageant, and shot commercials for the pageant’s sponsors. She embarked on a career as a top bikini model, although she did have a desire to perform in pornography. Jane read an article on Tera Patrick which said that Patrick worked for adult-film production company Digital Playground. She contacted them and was quickly signed to a contract.[3] Her first scene was with Devon in the film No Limits.[3][4] Within months of winning the contract, she appeared on Showtime Network’s Family Business, where she was filmed at the Adult Video News’ awards show and convention. [Read more]

  • ACE

    How do you go about disinfecting a whole fucking ocean?

  • Porn Star Questoin

    Why do porn stars only date men who are at least 1 foot taller and 150-200lbs heavier than them? Is it because they were all raped by daddy when they were 4 so they need a man who is big and rough like daddy to get off when they’re 24? What’s up with that?

  • Caitie Harmful


    he’ll fix it up.

  • Icepak

    Does he look like he cares if she’s clean at all??? He looks like he hit the jackpot considering his own looks. 🙂

  • eowens

    I bet that guy has to take her to the car wash to jet wash the cum out of every orifice before he does her.

  • Some Guy

    Ha . . . I looked at the pics and thought, “That girl looks like a porn star,” and, lo and behold, I was right.

  • LC

    that’s what I really like but I was not raped by my father

  • lerch

    ewwwww nasty skank

  • Racer X

    Vivid “contract” girls suck!

    /Phoenix Marie > all

  • senoritabonita

    oh jesse…how could u do this to me? that repugnant human being over me?!!? why? oh, why? seriously, i wish she were mine. she’s one of my guilty pleasures…she’s not the hottest girl but there’s something about her i just absolutely adore. she’s got a really cute face and a perfect, and i mean perfect vulva. beautiful! she’s really petite and from what i saw on bad girls club, she’s a total sweetheart and its pretty blatant how much of a freak she is. i would wife.

  • joey

    Katsuni is the hottest pornstar working today. Jesse Jane doesn’t look as bad as some people here are claiming. Her wild behavior in each of her scenes is a definite turn on. I love pussy so I’d bone her in a heartbeat and then worry about the consequences later.