Star Trek: Rachel Nichols, The Green Orion Slave Girl, Causing A Stir!

Here’s Captain Kirk, played by Chris Pine, getting busy with an Orion slave girl.

I tried to catch a late showing of “Star Trek” this past weekend, but it was sold out when I hit the theater 10 mins before show time. Nonetheless, Internet searches for Ms. Rachel Nichols, whom we’ve featured on Bastardly a few times now, have increased steadily since last week’s big release.

As most of you know, “Star Trek” is on track to do be a major contender for the best & most successful movie this summer, but it’s going to be a tough road ahead with movies like “X-Men Origins,” “Transformers,” “Terminator,” etc. all competing at the box-office. Its opening weekend take was roughly $75mil and all reports indicate tons of buzz and something really rare in these “$12.50-per-movie-ticket” daysrepeat viewers! Geeks, horndoggs & the like are obviously coughing up tons of cash on this one. (Revenue source:

Unfortunately, it appears “Star Trek” fever might be quickly overtaken by this week’s blockbuster when Tom Hanks’ “Angels & Demons” hits screens across the world. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m really digging this summer at the movies!!

Here are a couple more screen caps of Captain Kirk getting it on w/ the Orion slave girl