Taryn Manning Showed-Off Her Legs @ Some Beauty Soiree

Taryn Manning is set to appear in 6 movies to be released in 2009; The Job, Kill Theory, The Perfect Age of Rock N Roll, The Speed Thought, The Devil’s Tomb, and Walking Madison.

  • Greg

    Nasty is what is great about her. This girl looks like she would do it all.

  • ThatsJustWrong

    She looks so nasty.

  • RockHard

    She has the Look of the CRAZY Chick that’s a Fantastic Fuck

  • Stone

    Holy shit, I repent, just don’t let it get me!

  • Jack the Reaper

    Oh, no no. That’s Taryn MAN-Thing.

  • Goliano

    Another bride of Frankenstein reject.

  • Nancy

    The lines around her lips are so hot. So is the stoned look in her eyes.