Weekend Lesbo Fantasy: Monica Bellucci and Sophie Marceau in Cannes


These were snapped yesterday at a grand premiere event for the movie “Don’t Look Back” during the 62nd Annual Cannes Film Festival. This is by far the classiest lesbian fantasy in Bastardly history.

And, for those of you bastards having trouble remembering Sophie Marceau, think back to Braveheart & a late-90s Bond, The World Is Not Enough.

  • lynn

    Sophie has aged horribly I had no clue that was the same chick from Braveheart.

  • LZ

    Double MILF heaven

  • Boz

    they both aging very well.

  • no

    That’s the chick from Braveheart? Christ on a crutch! Poor thing.

  • Mike Litoris

    Monica is still as hot as she was in Malèna.

  • Monica Bella

    Monica is too meaty.

  • McPerv

    Bellucci is 10x hotter.

  • aaaaaarrrrrghhhh

    Bellucci is almost 45, just amazing classic beauty

  • AlinaMaria

    wow monica is stunning

  • Krusty

    Monica is the top MILF out there.

  • BobDole

    Looove Sophie!

  • I love Monica

  • Player

    I cant wait to see the video

  • kuizau

    it would feel like banging twins… owwww!

  • Freep

    OW! x10!!!!!!!!!!1