Hayden Panettiere Makes New Submission For Best Bent Over Bikini Ass Pic

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As you guys know, we’re running a worldwide survey to find the best celebrity bikini pic when bent over, so lookout for many of your favorite celebs to be striking bastardly poses when they’re on the beach.

As for Hayden Panettiere, here’s her earlier submission. Yes, obviously pathetic when compared to her latest bikini pics rolling in from Cannes.

  • Bwob

    Weird body, nice ass

  • d_jologs

    very, very nice and fuckable ass

  • joey

    Haha. Sure thing, it’s your show man.

  • Moelicious

    ya, but fuck it…she’s whoring herself out, so we gotta pay respects, baby!

  • joey

    Kind of overloading on Hayden Panettiere entries, huh?

  • Lovelee

    Isn’t her tattoo mispelled… I read it somewhere.

  • gabriella

    yeah, look about 12 comments up and that’s where you read it

  • Cindylover1969

    Like she’s the only person ever to get one misspelled; I bet most of the people ragging on Hayden about it wouldn’t even have noticed if someone else (I bet it was Perez – he’s always had it in for her) hadn’t pointed it out.

    And why the fuck are people giving her grief about it anyway? Are they just looking for an excuse because she doesn’t go out without her underwear or something?

  • RockHard

    Seeing her bent over like this makes me realize how much I want to Fuck her so roughly

  • Lovelee

    Actually it was AOL news, read it again but thanks. -_-

  • Italian

    She speaks italian. It is the feminised version of the phrase.

  • Angus

    An ass like that would make you grow at least another inch.