Hayden Panettiere: More Bikini Pics From Cannes (w/ Steve Jones)

Photo Credit: bauergriffinonline.com

Yesterday Hayden Panettiere was on the yacht in a green bikini and this time we’ve got even more bikini pics! Serious overlaod!!!

It’s not like we’ve haven’t seen Hayden in a bikini before. In fact, aside from the regrettable tattoo, she looks the same… there’s the gold bikini, the brown bikini, the blue bikini, or the red/pink bikini.

  • Francois Twat

    Sounds like some of you are not familiar with the treasures and pleasures to be found inside of a puffy pussy. Isn’t that a pity? And the blind item is referring to Natalie Portman, not Hayden. Hayden does not share men with other women and she is not into BDSM. Men share her with other men. That’s the arrangement. Girls who looks like her aren’t into pain; they are into huge cocks and multiple orgasms.

  • Some Guy

    Possible. But these pics really point to it being about Hayden.

  • the kitten

    i wonder why her boy didnt help her out and put her sunblock on her. he looks like a dork anyway, she needs to upgrade

  • AlinaMaria

    ew steve jones, he’s so gross.

  • Francois Twat

    hayden likes to fuck. that’s why she’s hot, you bunch of fucking queers

  • One comment to end them all

    lol Stumpy…

    but dump that fucktard douchebag already

  • lolz

    I hate that I find this little troll sexually attractive. Must go flog self now. Damn you, Hayden.

  • Francois Twat

    steve jones is one lucky motherfucker. i bet the second the sun sets they go down below and fuck in the shower. Nice hard standing doggy. next is a nap. wake up for a little bite to eat and then some more fucking before nighty night. do the same thing for the next five days. sounds like paradise to me.

  • cork

    Great ass…everything else – blah. Next time, avoid 22 pages by leaving out pics where she faces the camera. Especially considering her bikini bottom looks like the new meatpacking district.

  • AlinaMaria

    or maybe natalie p?

  • spangly

    This must be the year of Stumpy girls! I personally hate short fat chicks but shawn johnson just won Amaerican idol and she is the kindred spirit of stumpy hadyen. WTF is wrong with this planet!

  • hmili

    nasty bulge she’s got there… is that usual for midgets?

  • Some Guy

    Anyone else seen this blind item: “Our actress is involved with a much older man who likes to have a variety from which to choose each night. At the present time he has two women he pays for and our actress. The two women are both considerably older than our actress and are much more experienced. One of the two women who is bought enjoys pain but our actress does not get involved in anything but watching it be administered. In addition to taking care of her benefactor, our actress is also expected to spend some, umm alone time with the other bought woman. It is amazing what a drug habit will do to once very strong morals. I smell rehab very, very soon.”

    Most of the clues point to Hayden, which is . . . um, very interesting.

  • Flyingrice

    Dude, she has an Asian body shape… Love the small tits!!!

  • Ted Bell

    Hate to say it, but, with that hat, she sort of looks like Britney!

  • jennyla

    lol, hoorah for barely legal stumpy sex…

  • bik

    The reason her ass looks like that of a twelve year old boy is because she IS a twelve year old boy-look at that crotch area.

  • Amisha

    Hayden is soooo GORGEOUS and funny!!

  • Lovin it

    I think she looks amazing! Made my dick go hard! I love the doggy position pics but I like all of them tbh. Yeah so what if she is short she still looks gr8!! Plus she’s barely fitting in that bikini – her boobs are bulging out at the bottom. Hot stuff!