Blake Lively Lookin' Sexy @ The CW Network Upfront Party

Blake Lively is really catching our attention with these photos showing off her sexy legs. Coupled with the last time we saw her at the MET Gala and Blake hasn’t been a disappointment to us. The other week Leighton Meester showed off her sexy bikini bod. It’s only mandatory now that Blake update us with some new bikini pics even though the last time we saw her in a bikini was pretty damn hot already.

  • ShareDaddy

    Hot and adorable.

  • psm88

    fake boobs done right can be awesome just rare thing to happen

    blake always looks sensational when she flashes her legs

  • the kitten

    her tits arent neccessarily fake. you’d be amazed by some of the crazy tit altering undergarments out there. just because you cant see bra straps doesnt mean shes not wearing some sort of support

  • skilligan

    very hot

  • Mundo

    Oh yeah great body on this chick…face not that hot. But not too bad either….Love her outfit..

  • Some Guy

    I wasn’t aware she had a boob job. Oh well. I wouldn’t kick her out of the bed for eating crackers.

  • Tazaalekenis72204

    Hot!! i think her face is pretty

  • JPRichardson

    no ass? NO ASS????????

  • d_jologs

    fucking gorgeous

  • hula

    her face always looks weird, these are good pics, but you can tell she’s going to age horribly anway i don’t get her appeal at all she isn’t even a good actress (if you can call her that)

  • lokiman the cataclysmic bastard

    This girls leg game is on point. Who cxares how she will age. Right now she’s good to go!

  • Max Papis9 fan

    Why get too upset?

  • Boz

    pretty hot here…

  • Blackwood

    great legs!
    and boobs (I don’t care if they’re fake or not)

    but mostly, I want those shoes.

  • Mundo

    Boner Magic