Avril Lavigne Pimps Abbey Dawn's Swim Wear Collection In Malibu!

Although a bit cheap, it’s highly possible that this is a new marketing tactic more celebrities will take up when it comes to selling their own threads. Avril was spotted with a friend (or a paid Abbey Dawn model) running around a beach in Malibu while decked out in her own clothing line, Abbey Dawn (sold at Khol’s department stores).

Only one question remains: Can you get any more punk rock?

  • Mr Bill

    I would toss her salad.

  • The Devil

    This is the first time I’ve ever found her remotely attractive.

  • d55

    i just want to beat her up until i am tired.

  • One comment to end them all

    SO PUNK!!

    And… new tits?

  • Make
  • the kitten

    is that really avril lavigne? when did she get curves? is she preggers or something? either way i dont like it

  • Hy Fella

    She must have taken her “turn your frown upside down” pills this morning. Good idea, punk girl.

  • sanjeya

    The chick with her is definitely hotter.

  • joey

    The faux punk attitude is annoying, but Avril Lavigne does look hotter now that she’s gained a little weight. Her friend in the bikini in the water is hotter than her though.

  • McPerv

    I’ll tell you what’s thick, my hard cock after seeing these pics.

  • **b**

    Can I suck it?

  • iambastard

    Hot dumb douche.

  • hula

    at first i thought it was princess eugene … her hair looks reddish in the 1st pic

  • lolz

    I was going to say that only in America can you be an absolutely useless fuckwhore who does absolutely nothing but pose as a figurehead for corporately created music and get paid tens of millions for it, but then I remembered she’s Canadian. Damn you, Canada, for creating this creature.

  • lolz

    p.s. I’d still totally hit it.

  • ~>

    Needed some pro pappers on this scene,those who coulda got a butt shot or wave-wash-top-yank.

  • lerch

    Avril would get a hard hate fuck from me

  • Angus

    She is still a hot piece of ass even though her attitude is crap.

  • Ted

    She is hot,and she IS just pimping her line.You can tell, or else she would be flipping everyone off.And that is not a model with her,that’s one of her friends who is in almost every picture ever taken of Avril.She’s the REAL hot one who you should be finding out more about!!

  • Max Papis9 fan

    Wow, i agree, shes really damn hot as hell! 100/100!

  • Dr. Suckadick

    She’s really hot, but she’s looking a little thick and plain in these pics. She is annoying though. Definitely unlubed anal with ATM and no dinner for this fake-punk bitch.

  • Trancelike

    You know of course that Avril is just gearing up the machinery for her next assault on the charts later this year.Keep on spitting venom people,because as we all know,
    Avril doesn’t give a fuck what you yhink.

  • RagingAlcoholic

    Her body has filled out nicely, she should show her face though, or is that against punkrocker rules?

  • Leni

    I had no idea she has such a nice body, she’s annoying as hell but sort of hot now with those curves.

  • GO FOR IT!!


  • Mr.Bastardly

    id tap that ass so hard!! how she married that ugly squishy faced guy anyway?

  • xesenta.com

    shes so HOT!! Lov AVriL!!

  • Stone

    They also claim any two people photographed together are having sex. If you take it seriously, you’re a dumbass. Actually, you just admitted to knowing what’s in Avril’s shitty clothing line, so never mind. Moe may get a few facts wrong, but at least he doesn’t have the damn Abbey Dawn catalog memorized.

  • Jim

    How can she be pimping Abbey Dawn when she does not even have swimwear in her Abbey Dawn line, you Stupid Bastard????

  • lalalala

    She looks great here. I’m glad she ditched the platinum blonde hair with obnoxious pink streak. Her body looks great here with a little more weight on (in a good way) and she looks cute in the hat.

    Avril looks hot, I gotta say.

  • Kar

    Well ‘Stone’ the only reason I know this is not Abbey Dawn is because I looked at the web-link above that is is posted under the first picture in this article, placed there by the author of this article, DUH!!! You silly goose ‘Stone’.