Gabrielle Union Lookin' Hot In A White Tank Top & Blue Jeans!

Looks like Gabrielle Union takes the time to go on the internet to read what’s being written about her. She’s taken offense to some apparent false claims printed on Bossip stemming from a letter from a “nameless pro-athlete’s wife.” Basically she wants them to take it down and issue a letter of apology.

“Gabrielle will move forward with legal action against the writer and Bossip. All she asked for was a retraction and apology and to take it off their site, but they refused and now her goal is to make them pay! They straight-up published a manifesto of a crazy person and they had to know it wasn’t true.”

“If there was any truth to it, she would’ve just let it die,” her friend confessed, before adding: “But she’s a black actress who really can’t afford to sue but intends to go broke fighting this if that’s what it takes!” Source

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