Caroline D'Amore: Skinny Bikini Pics From Malibu

These bikini photos of Caroline D’Amore are especially for all those who like’em skinny! It’s almost a year ago that we had swimsuit photos of Caroline from Malibu too!

  • McPerv

    Nothing sensual about that body.

  • Looky Lou

    Her ass must be starving to death, trying to eat her bikini bottom every chance it gets.

  • Leni

    I don’t care about her body, her face is ugly so she’s not attractive in any way.

  • senoritabonita

    that body is near flawless. if she had slightly bigger boobs, she would have my ideal body. i would love to be that skinny. she’s 5’8″ am i correct? i think most of the ppl commenting are just fat ass haters. i mean she does have curves…look at how wide her hips are. that’s her bone structure obviously and i think that’s beautiful. love her legs and she’s got a nice ass for such a thin girl. her skin is divine too…yeah the face is pretty busted but hey you can’t have it all.

  • Boz

    who’s she?

  • TORO

    Who’a this skeleton again??…so damn Ugly!!

  • ShareDaddy

    Nasty, someone make her eat some cheeseburgers, daily for quite a while, then lets take some more pictures. Put some weight on, yuk.

  • JPRichardson

    She looks like a giant insect. No ass, no boob, large appendages, ugly face, hideous, enormous feet…

    Some might find her attractive since she is young and healthy, and has a smooth skin, but not me. For “celebrity” standards she is ugly. We need more Adriana Lima pics, please.

  • MistressCara

    Actually i feel a slight sorry her.

  • Nesto

    Wow, VERY nice. Thats how a normal, natural woman should look.

  • Goliano

    Donny Osmond: You’ve got 10 seconds starting . . . NOW!

    *background music*

    Goliano: I’ve got it! I’ve got it! What a broom handle would say!

  • WeakForEmily

    I usually prefer my ribs with barbeque sauce.

  • Peetee

    Oh she’s hot, oh yes.

  • Dooky

    a little too thin, and to jokes such as Pamela and whoever else that like the anorexic look, you seriously need help. you’re probably an anorexic/bulimic yourself and belong to some E-D cult or you’re shallow enough that you have no life

  • Ugly Model1

    She looks very insecure, but I dig the skinny body.

  • kenny

    I know its wrong, but….. Aw!!! That is hot hot hot!!

  • Brandonk419

    That is camel toe! this chick is way to skinny . gve me a pair of mallets ( for you who dont know i dont mean big wooden ones itsthe drum sticks with a rubber end) and i will play you a song

  • Dr. Chris

    This girl rocks the word – WOOOOOOoW

    She is a normal skinny woman with a really great body and a very lovely face.

    She is sexy as hell – what else?

    I normally love them really skinny, but she is still ok … just 5 – 10 lbs less and a bit of work-out would make her perfect for me.

    So this is really hot … what else?