Ashley Olsen vs. Mary-Kate Olsen @ "The Hangover" Premiere

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The Olsen Twins showed up for the premiere of The Hangover. Mary-Kate seems to be the one that has really branched out and gone on her own acting career as she appeared in the 2008 film, The Wackness along with an episode of Samantha Who?. In 2009 she’s set to appear in Beastly, also starring Vanessa Hudgens. Ashley on the other hand isn’t acting but focusing on being a fashion designer.

  • sandra

    they look pretty much the same..
    But I think Mary Kate is useally cuter, not here with da crazy shades but useally

  • d_jologs

    Mary Kate gets my vote!

  • Dick Kinda Throbbn

    Not bad when they are not GAUNT/EMACIATED. Cute faces anyway….definitely deserving of my balls on their chins at that moment.
    Spinners,but still ‘small’ for my tastes.

    Fuck Osama

  • Kristin

    can’t tell them apart. both look like trolls. this is the first time i have seen photos of them where they are not in the same photo and hugging each other. they are a couple of little weirdos.

  • RockHard

    Ashley Troll has a Tat on her Ankle

  • ivonna

    I love you both. I’m crazy for you Ashley. Mary kate, i love you too.

  • ivonna

    Ashley, or mary kate, can you go to the Croatia in Europe

  • joey

    Both of these smurfs are skinny, ugly, and insufferable. You’d have to be extremely hammered to want to sleep with them.