Fashion Rating: Kat Von D @ Palm Pre Launch Event

This event was held yesterday to benefit Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

Um…what the fuck is that thing on her head?! Please don’t tell me that this is Kat Von D’s new look

  • natasha

    i don’t see how anybody could think this woman(?) is attractive. she ruined her whole entire body and face.

  • L0rd


  • Abject Failure

    Who the hell gets a boner from this? Yuck.

  • Lupe The 14 Year Old Boy Who LOVES DEMI LOVATO

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  • Anon Imus

    This tattooed whore bag better not have gotten a Pre while I have to get people to wait in line for me Sat. morning for one.
    yeah, I’m too lazy to wake up that early.

  • Dick Throbbn

    Such a pretty girl, damm shame she got that ugly whore/sailor tattoo sh!t on her face,neck,body.
    Except for fear of Hepatitis, I’d drag my testicles on her chin and dump a plentiful load unto her breast-a-ses.

  • lazydayz

    Not that anyone cares, but she’s a really sweet girl.

  • AlinaMaria

    whats with the over extended lip line?! Gross

  • Phillip McCracken

    funny,i talked to someone the other day who has met her and hung out around her on multiple occasions and said she was a vapid, egocentrical, moron.

  • Caitie Harmful

    Same here…I know quite a few tat artists who say that she thinks her shit doesn’t stink.

  • Phillip McCracken

    your comment is from tat artists, mine is from someone who works with a band she goes to see.

    amazing. Tat artists and Musicians.

    shes alienated BOTH.

    seriously, as if i wasnt before, i really dont understand why she is famous, if all she does is alienate famous people, and shes not attractive.

    i actually just enjoyed confirmation from someone who KNEW someone famous i hated that my opinion was RIGHT about said celebrity LMAO

  • lazydayz

    Sorry. I’m just basing this on an hour long radio interview of hers that I heard. She really did seem sweet though.

  • Phillip McCracken

    dont apologize!! lol you are entitled to your opinion!

    i get the feeling shes one of those “nice when she needs something” or “nice if you can do something for her” kinda people.

    but never apologize for having an opinion!!!

  • Caitie Harmful

    My sources are very accurate. VERY, VERY ACCURATE.


  • Caitie Harmful

    “shes one of those “nice when she needs something” or “nice if you can do something for her” kinda people.”


    Give that man a cigar.

  • lazydayz

    Thanks for the advice professor. lol I was apologizing cuz I thought I was way off in saying she was nice. Seems like you guys have a bit more info than I do.

  • Caitie Harmful

    I actually do. Not to be a know-it-all…but I got my info for three extremely reliable sources who all confirm how much of a cunt she is.

  • hula

    she looks like she rolled into the crayola aisle at walmart .. is that a wig?

  • lazydayz

    Then I stand by my sorry.

  • Phillip McCracken

    id suggest my one source is just as reliable as her 3, its always one thing to “hear” something or “read” something about someone, but to get the knowledge firsthand from someone who has expereanced the pleasure or displeasure of someones company, is always informative. and LOL dont apologize for being “Misled”… we all have with a celebrity at some point LOL….

  • Boz

    tranny as hell…

  • miley virus


  • Susana

    Oh, kat! I normally like you, but that shade of lipstick, the lighter hair, and the clownish blush is not doing you any favors. Bring the jet black hair back, please!