More Eva Longoria Pics From Her Pimped Out Yacht in St. Tropez!

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin
Just in case you missed it, here’s the set of pics we posted earlier today.

It’s nice to see that Eva Longoria is finally enjoying the ultra-highlife with husband Tony Parker. Let’s admit it, this woman worked her ass off (literally, thanks to producers, directors & J.C. Chasez) to reach her current position in life, so more power to you, Eva! I hope all you girls looking to sex your way to the top are taking notes!!

And by the way, the booty pics in this particular set are looking absolutely amazing! Viva Bikini Booty Pics!!!

  • LaMarcus Pennyman

    Yo, her shit is TIGHT. Some of you fug cunts should get a clue and do what she do.

  • concubine

    She looks like she’s floating in the first pic

  • suio

    pic 8 is bonerlicious

  • Carl G. Bastardly


  • sandra

    pic 6 is so damn cute!

  • natasha

    proof that small breasts can be sexy

  • LaMarcus

    I love small nibblers.

  • Goliano

    Pic 2a is a masterpiece.

  • Angus

    Time to invest in some breasts.

  • WeakForEmily

    She is a “desperate” housewife. Yawn!

  • Abject Failure

    She looks like a rat.

  • JPRichardson

    I must be honest; until watching these pics, I never before thought she had a nice ass. Now I am a believer.

  • Phillip McCracken

    i find professional photo shoots so funny. look at the second picture of her in teh shower, even if that bikini top is WAY too tight… she STILL have NO TITS.

    but yet… photo shoot pictures… shes busting out.

    wow talk about some fucking padding going on THERE…

    truly amazing.

    and shes a whore.

    u think Mario Lopez is stashed away in a closet somewhere so she can ride his dick while tony’s off doing whatever?

  • Ugly Model1

    That body looks very experienced.

  • Andro

    “Lil’ booty cam”?! In what way is her booty little?!

  • gabriella

    what are all these weird emblem things on the bottom left of everyone’s comments?

  • Phillip McCracken

    i think its what they updated before.

    i actually dont KNOW, but, ill ASSUME… it goes by total comments on the site?

    IE your in the top 100. meaning you are somewhere between 51-100 in comment totals?

    i only say that cause ive seen…top 10 (some guy) top 20 (me, Caitie, Goiliano) and a top 50 (Pam i THINK?)

    that is just a guess tho… maybe they will say something tomorrow in the morning report or something, but thats about the best guess i can give

  • Casey Stoner46 MotoGP fan

    I didn’t notice that’s new, but I don’t care about the top100 or top20 shit…

  • Casey Stoner46 MotoGP fan

    Wow, great ass, hot women!

  • Snick

    This WHORE is still hot, i’d eat it from the back. She is a 10.

  • RockHard

    DAMN – I want to Ride her Ass

  • 16HornyBoy16



    ya, like you not care about numbers, Max Papis9 Fan.

  • Chelsea

    Eh. Too small for my taste. Nice ass though.

  • Goliano

    and a top 50 (Pam i THINK?)

    If comments were tallied by IP addresses, sPam would be so far ahead that she’d have all top 10 and 20 spots, based on her aliases.

  • Goliano

    And d55 would probably have all up to 45, if not more.

  • chibchakan

    No tits and a bony ass. What’s sexy about her?

  • Goliano

    What’s bony here?

  • Sierra

    It’s nice to see someone else who has to stand on their tip-toes to kiss their fella lol. He body is tight, but I’ve never been particularly impressed by her face.

  • Moelicious

    tell it like it is, Goliano!!


  • DrTentacle

    Please, that’s a dime a dozen. I’ll be impressed when I see hot chicks bending down to kiss their fellas.

  • Goliano

    LOL It’s the only way, bruh.

  • vicky69urpathic

    i love her bum
    im straight but u just wanna bite it!

  • Phillip McCracken

    even i have to admit that “Bony ass” was a stretch….

  • Sierra

    lol are you a short man?

  • Timmy Flaherty

    I can’t help but masturbate to Eva. She is so sexy from her head to tose pretty little toes. I love to masturbate to her and do it often. I’m sure many others do, too!