What Size Denim Does Kelly Clarkson Wear Nowadays?

We warned Kelly Clarkson back in 2007 that eating out wasn’t good but did she listen? Well, the photos above speak for themselves. I bet this is all a marketing ploy by the record company for her to get really fat and then drop the weight to get the cover of People magazine… did we mention she’s also got a new album she’ll need to promote?

  • Some Guy

    She’s really, really let herself go.

    On the bright side, if her managers force her to lose the weight, she’s guaranteed a People magazine cover.

  • skilligan

    she is only xxx,xxx,xxxl

  • revil22

    Thats a Shame. Hopefully this Tour helps her get back together.

  • Carl G. Bastardly

    Looks like she needs to visit The Bastardly Mercado and get herself a special shake….Carl G. Bastardly style! OW!!

  • joey

    There’s still hope for Susan Boyle after all!

  • hula

    next question will be
    what size will her hospital gown be?
    (when she gets diabetes or gastric bypass)

  • lynn

    WoW thats crazy even worse than jennifer love hewitt

  • Racer X

    She’s so HOT!

    /I am fo real

  • gabriella

    shes gotta be at least size 16 by now…jesus what the fuck did she do to herself?

  • Itachi

    And to think, I used to call her my future babies mama. She gone. Way gone.

  • Snick

    Wow!!! bet she takes down loads of starbucks, cookies, and tons of diet sodas, she looks smelly between those hugemongus thighs…

  • Anon Imus

    Cause they have too.

  • king kong bundy

    this bitch could kick my ass

  • Anon Imus

    You know why fat chicks give good head?

  • koolo

    o mama, kelly is so sexy now. i would love to rock that badonkadonk of hers

  • RichPlayer

    I think she’s hotter than many of the skinny little bitch models I see here all the time. Yeah, she packed on some weight, but I’d still lick every inch of her.

  • kelly clarkson

    my new single is called “My life would suck withoust Krispy Kreme”

  • Fuzzy_Bear

    I thought she was rich enough to have handlers pull her away from the hot dog carts. Hopefully it’s not a thyroid condition or something.

  • One comment to end them all

    BWAAAAH! What a fat fuck!!

  • Sierra

    Woah did the woman drop fifteen kids while I wasn’t looking? She was never skinny but bloody hell! How did that happen? She always did remind me of a fat guy though… She really has the the same physique as the dad in that television show ‘The Dinosaurs’ lol.

  • Bugs on the Windshield

    Now comes the part where other fat women like Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jessica Simpson come to her defense and say “She’s not fat! She’s beautiful and curvy!”

    Yeah sure. That’s what you keep telling yourselves.

  • Boz

    she’s a great singer, though..
    despite her bod now…
    a human whale with good voice.

  • lazydayz

    I’d rather lick every inch of a skeleton than this fat mess.

  • lazydayz

    She’s got nice hair though.

  • lokiman the cataclysmic bastard

    There is a limit that this hungry bastard chose to ignore.

  • Stud

    Good god KELLY CLARKSON IS FAT! Exercise girl! I liked A.I. Season 1 Kelly better.