Fergie Visits The "Late Show w/ David Letterman"

In an effort to create buzz and take the attention away from her face, Fergie will depend on lesbian acts for her next video “I Gotta Feeling”.

“You’ll like our next video, for I Gotta Feeling, because I have a little girl-on-girl tease section of the video,” The Sun quoted her as saying at the time. “I met the girls right before we did the scene. They were beautiful. They were hot. One of them was the director”s girlfriend – so he was happy!” Source

  • Tapper

    I’m gonna give her a pass. I’d look her dead in the eye if that was the only was I could hit that. Her body is amazing and she might give you a good crack-whore fuck. Don’t know for certain, but I’d surely like to find out.

  • DrTentacle

    Why aren’t you protecting us with a permanent brown bag like you did on Tori Spelling?

  • Goliano

    What did I miss on page 6, a fergupskirt?

  • Mike Litoris

    Meth is one hell of a drug.

  • RoastedNuts

    Her hair color, and style, need some work. Thank goodness for doggy style.

  • lerch

    No amount of make up can make this dog attractive

  • revil22

    Stunning body and the face is NOT AS BAD as some say.

  • ShareDaddy

    AWESOME legs, bangin bod and if something were done with her eyebrows she may actually look OK. I think the whole V of the eyebrows is wrong, it points directly at the face her weakest link.

  • Lupe The 14 Year Old Boy Who LOVES DEMI LOVATO

    her face in my opinion looks good on tv but nt in pictures

  • CATHY R.


  • babygirl2000

    i like her dark hair

  • AintHalfBad

    If she got some face lipo she wouldn’t be bad at all. She just has a chubby face.

    Her eyes are beautiful, her nose is nothing to worry about, her eyebrows are decent, her chin is great, and her body is one of the best in the bizz… so just skinny up that face and you got one of the prettiest singers out there.