Shocking! Megan Fox Lookin' Hot @ "Transformers" Paris Premiere

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

As we noted yesterday afternoon, Megan Fox & the “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” gang are now officially on the European leg of the worldwide tour. This is all an attempt to stuff this movie down everyone’s throats until they wanna hear more about director/producer Michael Bay’s next mega-project “Transformers 3,” which will probably go into production later this year.

To help market the movie to the highly lucrative horndogg demographic, Megan stood alongside co-star/pimp daddy Shia LaBeouf with her mouth open—at times playing with her tongue & at other times, simply nibbling on her thumb. I’m pretty sure Michael Bay is directing these appearances to maximize revenue in the coming months. The movie hits theaters worldwide on June 24th.

Photo Credit: KCSPresse / Splash News
Photo Credit: KCSPresse / Splash News
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  • anon

    I just wish she’d stop trying to be Angelina circa 2000. It’s so contrived and obvious and fake…ughhh

  • Rhonda

    Unfortunately, she’ll probably learn the hard way that all beauty and no talent & brains only gets you so far. She doesn’t strike me as the kind of actress that will tackle an “ugly” role. She seems to vain for that. Angie’s lucky to have been blessed with beauty, brains, and talent.

  • ACE

    She’s still very sexy, though. At least she has talent to fall back on.

    I don’t think Angie was ever as beautiful or sexy as Megan. Angie may win in every other catergory, but not those two.

  • AlinaMaria

    Really? I think Angelina in her prime beats Megan hands down. Ang had raw sexuality that wasnt forced in any way. Also i can’t say i think Megan is ‘beautiful’, extremely hot and sexy, yes but not beautiful for me, maybe when she get older she will be.

  • Rhonda

    Say “hot older sister” and I’ll forgive you. HaHaHa!!!

  • d55

    I don’t see a quote below her pix this time. Let me give one.

    Pearls from megan:

    “But I’m also a hypocrite. I would never date a girl who was bisexual, because that means they also sleep with men, and men are so dirty that I’d never want to sleep with a girl who had slept with a man….”


    She is so trying to be like Angelina Jolie. The whole “I’m bi” crap has gotten so old. Every bitch is claiming to be one these days. Just another way of trying to gain more fans and publicity. Until a bitch comes up with a female ex lover, she has no business saying she is bisexual.

  • moron_

    I agree. Megan has terrible skin and she can get away with it now because she’s only 22, but give her another 5 years and she’ll definitely look far older. Angie peaked around 30, but Megan’s giving all the signs that she’s peaking now.

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn she’s hot
    once again, she didnt have 2 slut it up 2 look nice, which is good
    these have 2 b the best pics so far imo

    btw how the fuck does shia still have that thing on his finger, wasnt that from his car crash like a yr ago

  • d55

    those shoes go with what? nothing!

  • Goliano

    You think?

  • Fuzzy_Bear

    I’ve run out of words for Megan for a while but I’ll keep looking at her pics as they roll in.
    Shia’s hand must have been really messed up in that accident if it’s still bandaged up after all these months.

  • Boz

    Borat would say: Wawawewa. Very nice. How much?

  • Rebby

    She’s not trying to be anyone you naive-believe-anything-you-read twit. This is her style, her look that so happens to have a FEW similarities toward Angelina. The fact that she even mentioned herself in EW interview, the only reasons would be: “dark hair, tattoos, and action movie” She’s really just trying to be her freakin self..yeah imagine that..

  • d_jologs

    looks good here, pornstarish but good

  • Caitie Harmful

    The shoes are in the neutral color family. So they can go with basic colors.

  • thumbs online

    i can’t forget that thumb thing.
    She’s spoiled for me 🙁

    I mean, who looks ie Para-Olympics on TV ?

  • RoastedNuts

    I am convinced that she is a total bitch to whomever is trying to bed her (B.A.G.?) I mean, she’s extremely sexy so she has to either be horrible in bed (which I refuse to believe) or a total bitch.

  • Leni

    wow, she’s blessed with the most gorgeous eyes, that’s what makes her so damn hot, amazing eyes, I hope she never gets back to blonde hair.

  • tyrone

    That faggot jewboy Shia can thank his fellow tribe members for even coming within 100 yards of Megan dearest, let alone star with her in films.

    My cock is thicker than his feminine arms, that fucker is no good with woman Megan Fox cum with me lets breed some black kids.

  • iambastard

    Wow. Impossible beauty.

  • hula

    she looks like a doll

  • Candice

    ^ racist white guy

  • AlinaMaria

    wow… she looks great. Her hair looks beautiful, her make up is flawless and not OTT, she’s complimenting her features instead of over shadowing them. Very pretty.

  • AlinaMaria

    Though i have to say i find it distracting when she tries to hide her thumbs. At first i was scared of them but then i realised that busted feet are a worse feature and lots of people have no problem showing their alien toes. So Megan, just show your hands, stop putting your thumbs in your mouth, its no big deal. Every one has to have at least one flaw, be grateful yours isn’t a big one.

  • Rhonda

    I think she’s been looking retarded lately, especially with her thumb in her mouth. Less retarded, of course, than when she used to walk around with her tongue hanging out.

  • Rhonda

    No, but she had the talent to back up that no class.

  • Mundo

    Well I find nothing shocking that she’s hot, always knew that..what I would find shocking would be if this dorky looking guy is screwing her.

  • Me

    She has fake teeth….

  • ACE

    They should do a movie together. Megan can play a hot hollywood starlet and Angie could play her Mom or Aunt. lol

  • concubine

    Her eyebrows are awesome here

  • sandra

    WOOW.. are her eyes green or blue?
    I tought they were blue but they look very green here

  • lady x

    pretty. but the tattoo of marilyn is disgusting

    i hate her dress and shoes
    i think my grandma has a curtain like that. ugh.

  • Caitie Harmful

    I don’t think that she did.

  • Lupe The 14 Year Old Boy Who LOVES DEMI LOVATO

    always looks hot

  • Moelicious

    tyrone sounds white?

  • Nora

    American beauty at its finest.

  • babygirl2000

    beautiful she has amazing eyes

  • Goliano

    Well said.

  • Casey Stoner46 MotoGP fan

    her eyes are so amazing!!! Looking so beautiful an hot!

  • AlinaMaria

    Its a damn shame what happened to angie. Read this:

    She was super beautiful once.

  • Goliano

    Take elevator 3. It has a bar.

  • meow

    she’s hot alright. but can she stop imitating angelina jolie’s style? this girl has no personality. first the purple dress with the slit (a la Jolie’s Cannes dress), then the black dress (Angelina’s Tokyo conference dress last year), now the hair (Jolie’s Cannes).

  • ACE

    I never thought Angelina was extremely beautiful, but I always thought she was insanely sexy. I think Megan is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. I just wish she had more class and some talent.

  • AlinaMaria

    hmm maybe thats what she’s lacking thats making me not see her as beautiful. I think right now shes a bit contrived you know with her fingers in her mouth and all the rest!

  • ACE

    Yes, of course it’s contrived, because she’s playing it up for the cameras. But it works for me. Megan’s best performance is always on the red carpet or at these premieres.

  • Rhonda

    Thanks! After this day (FULL OF SCREAMING KIDS), I could use a few drinks. LOL!

  • ACE

    I wouldn’t say Angelina was classy at 23.

  • Rhonda

    That was a great movie. She’s proof that, makeup-wise, less is more. I read your comment on ACE’s guestbook and totally agree that she has amazing bone structure.

  • ACE

    Rhonda, I’ve been very complimentary to Angelina in this post, but she is starting to look more like Megan’s hot mom than some Hollywood Hottie. lol

  • moron_

    Ace, I seriously think you should watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I watched it the other day, and I was really shocked by how beautiful Angie used to be. Angie was 30 during this movie, and I believe she was in her prime, which is also why Brad must have fallen so hard. She wears very light makeup throughout the movie, and her beauty is just breathtaking.

  • Rhonda

    I feel like Goli right now. I’m on the verge of meeting my Maker. Please stop!

  • Rhonda

    I see Megan going downhill by the time she reaches 30.

  • Rhonda

    Apparently, she doesn’t care that she has no class and she doesn’t care that people think she doesn’t.

  • Rhonda

    Megan tries too hard to be sexy, and it comes off as very contrived. In my opinion, that makes a woman less sexy. There are a few less pretty actresses that are very sexy because it comes very naturally. Eva Mendes is a good example. Not extremely beautiful, but one of the sexiest women around.

    Angie doesn’t have to try to be sexy. She is and she knows it. ACE must be over his fever because he’s back to ragging on her. LOL!

  • Caitie Harmful

    And a horrible Mother Theresa complex, which outshadows all of that….

  • Goliano

    She doesn’t strike me as the kind of actress that will tackle an “ugly” role.

    What casting agent worth his/her salary would ever ask her to?