Conan O'Brien Scrapes Bottom Of Celebrity Barrel To Up Ratings!

Don’t know if you guys know this, but ever since Conan relocated his show to the new time slot his ratings have tanked well below what Jay Leno used to pull in the same spot. Well anyway, Conan invited Paris Hilton (of all people) to ho-it-up on his show last night in hopes to improve viewership…Did it work?

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  • d55

    Did she bring that golf club out of thoughtfulness? You know so whoever wants to kill her would not have the inconvenience of not finding a weapon?

  • Angus

    That’s nice, now the desk is infected.
    I guess Conan wanted an excuse to get a new desk, must not have liked that one very much.

  • TORO

    Smells like Herpes!!

  • lerch

    Why can’t we get rid of this NASTY WHORE?, she is just like swine flu spreading her nasty whoreness and vapidness all over the World, give me a fucking gun, some whiskey and I will put one in her temple.

  • Linda89

    Was she actually hoping for a laugh? Please some one tell that stupid woman no one wats to see her. Dady’s money can buy her anything she wants including her boy toys But NOT TALENT!!
    wooooooooo please don’t come to ruin our night. Bony whore!

  • Pilot Travelers997024

    mmm, conan o’brien is funny and cool, but now he needs a new desk. oww

  • Nesto

    I forget what was said exactly but he said something along the lines of “who could we bring on the show thats classy??” and so appears Paris. She said a few lines that were really unfunny and the crowd didn’t take to her at all as Conan sat behind her with a smile. I wasn’t really paying attention so I have no idea what that bit was about but I’m sure it failed.

    Last week the show and the guests were all great, first week was eh. This past Monday’s show with Will Arnett was a bit painful but seeing the Spinal Tap guys was great. They should’ve been given more airtime, they were hilarious.

  • Switch

    who the hell still cherishes this skank that she is some how still in demand? how low can someone’s self esteme be to look up to paris hilton?

  • Jeffy

    I like watching Conan on the Tonight show. I missed the Paris one though. I wish I saw it – I think Paris is hot. I doubt I’ll ever meet her, so I don’t care if she has herpes or is dumb. I just want her to show off her hot body.

  • Pekinobo

    Pink…dress.. I bet her pussy ain´t pink after all the fucking this bitch have done