Anna Faris: Bikini Pics From Maui! Got Married To Chris Pratt!

Anna Faris apparently got married (i.e. eloped) in Hawaii with Chris Pratt. Honestly, I’m not sure if that’s Chris Pratt because when I think of that dude, I remember when he was on The O.C.. Anyways, this is Chris’ first marriage while it’s Anna’s second as she divorced Bend Indra last year.

  • FallenRawToast

    well she is looking fit

    ..and ROFL at the last pic

  • skilligan

    yeah, the top is cool, but she makes her own ass look all dumpy with the stupid loose bikini bottoms

  • Danny44

    They make a very cute pasty couple. BTW she has to get implants so her breasts would be a cup size larger than his…

  • Some Guy

    I didn’t know she had a boobjob.

    She really needs to stop with the plastic surgery and hair bleach. Her hair looks fried.

  • dsfsdf

    Nasty plastic boobs, disgusting…

  • Sherman Justice

    She needs to lose the anti-camel ginormous bottoms and get some that fit. Also, she needs to get rid of the bleached hair. It looks awful.

    -Bill the Butcher

  • plulu

    Her phote shoots are retouched by a friggin genuis!

  • Razer Rick

    She was too eager to get married again and I don’t know if she really wants this guy…?

  • GW

    I was a pretty big fan of hers, but those lip implants were a mistake.

  • One comment to end them all

    haha look at the fat fuck

    she’s a fug, so who gives a shit

  • yfk5

    she has a flat ass and I hate flat asses

  • Rhonda

    Nice body, but that’s about it.

  • sandra

    yea I agree.. I liked her better brunette tough