Megan Fox @ "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" L.A. Premiere

So finally the Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen premieres tours makes its stop in L.A. After seeing Megan in Tokyo, Seoul, Paris, “slightly cold” Berlin, London (who can forget when she snubs the fat boy), and Russia she’s rocking white (minus a bra) for the US premiere. I’m still going with “slightly cold” Berlin as the best looking premiere. Anyways, who’s going to brave the lines at the box office starting Wednesday, June 24th here in the states?

Here’s the lead for the USA Today review:

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen is proof positive that not every summer action blockbuster has the mettle to be a franchise. This sequel to the clever and funny first Transformers not only is disappointing, it will give most people a throbbing case of metal overload. Read More

View the trailer…

  • Andro

    Aside from the money, what’s so good about being a star anyway?

  • plulu

    This girl needs to have a wardrobe malfunction pronto!

  • Beach Bum

    She needs Jessica Beil’s personal trainer. THEN she’d be perfect.

  • Kyle

    Why don’t you tell us how you really feel? Also, most of those “natural” beauties you mentioned, have visited the surgeon’s office. You sound bitter.

  • she’s hideous

    this whore is so ugly and cheap looking. stupid tats too

  • Angus

    Sorry Megan you are ridiculously gorgeous, even with those horrid tattoos but I am not going to see that crappy movie.

  • Candice

    does anyone else think she has really weird arms??? they curve outwards really weird. i’ve never seen that on anyone else, only on some fat chicks…. and megan’s not fat. lol, yes i know this is a really strange comment. but i always notice her strange shaped arms.

  • skilligan

    she is wonderful looking, but the dress is kind of mediocre & this is the 1,000,000,000th premier

  • pocahontas


  • McPerv

    Bottom pic, page 4. Any guy who doesn’t want that mouth around his cock would rather get head from Shia LaBeouf.

  • shaunita

    Her skin is horrible. Even average girls on street have better skin.

  • Itachi

    Mini-Jolie still looking good.

  • Danny44

    Five years is a long time in Hollywood.
    Not everyone is as blessed with natural hotness as Bellucci.
    She went the fake route and now she’s a star.

  • Andro

    That’s really the “problem”, she has fatty arms. It’s not that unusual, she just happens to store more fat on her arms than elsewhere. In order for her arms to be in proportion with the rest of her body she’d either have to lose some more weigth, which means the rest of her body would be too thin, or she’d have to have them liposucked.

  • d55

    again, bitch does it again and annoys the shit out of me by trying too hard…I hope she accidently chews on her own tongue while eating so i don’t ever have to see that pathetic, done-it-289227-times-already tongue-out pose again…pathetic lil girl

  • One comment to end them all

    Fuck you Megan – you’re a whore and the last film was lame.

  • wiseblood


  • gstmllrs679

    Despite her fatty arms, her rope dress and tiredness, I’d still give her a pity fuck of her life!

  • white trash ho

    this bitch is ugly!

  • gstmllrs679

    i want her so badly i’d give her something to really think about

  • dannyboy

    I don’t know, man. I’m kinda bored of her already.

  • dannyboy


  • toby

    Her career will be over soon, she is going to get knowcked up by a black man and become a housemomma. You white boys keep playing with your joysticks while looking at her pictures, only a black man can tame this bitch.

  • Sierra

    After watching the second transformers I have come to the conclusion that this woman makes me sick. Her lips were so disgusting and fake in that film. Everything about her is fake – in five years time she will look like a drag queen or a blow-up sex doll. She could’ve been attractive if she had stayed natural, but she is just another generic, plastic, porn star look-a-like produced by the dump that is Hollywood; where everyone looks the same, acts the same and has only aspiration in life: to look ‘hot’.
    Jolie, Alba, Lima, Bellucci, Johansson and any other naturally beautiful women make this creature look like the cheap, fake little wannabe that she is.

  • Deeziner

    What is that, her ‘coke bloat’ dress? BTW, pic 8: Where’s the Bastardly Bad Skin All Over Cam (B.B.S.A.O.C.) when you need it?

  • Andro

    You’re probably right about that but I can understand his point of view. There’s something unattractive about a woman whose beauty isn’t natural. It’s like one’s aware that the princess (or prince for that matter) is really a frog. And has far as beauty goes, there’s a lot more merit in having been born beautiful (not that there’s any merit involved in being beautiful, I’m just trying to explain my view of things), it’s a kind of genetic superiority.

  • TheTruth

    looks hot, but that dress looks like her bed covers 😉

  • AlinaMaria

    I saw it, it wasnt that good but megan looked amazing.

  • cumshotboy

    Whore is disgusting ,she has freckles (thats a big turn off) and this thumbs look like she had the down syndrome…trailer trash stays trailer trash even if you have millions on your account…stupid hoe

  • dickismyname

    fug with freckles and down syndrome thumbs

  • try_it20

    Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot, and still cold nipples 😉
    Man…….. is this girl for sure the hottest of them all. I even will appreciate the tatts, and sit throught the whole movie as often as she likes me too.

  • d55

    “there’s a lot more merit in having been born beautiful; it’s a kind of genetic superiority.”

    yes, when you’re born beautiful, people actually respect and admire it.

  • Rebby

    I don’t understand how someone can look at this woman and not think or agree that she is beautiful. It is so honestly mind-boggling that those hate on her. Please try to get pass the stigmatization of how tattoos are “trashy” and stop denying yourself of her obstinately good looks.

  • Caitie Harmful

    “Jolie, Alba, Lima, Bellucci, Johansson and any other naturally beautiful women make this creature look like the cheap, fake little wannabe that she is.”

    Angelina – Mother Theresa complex.

    Jessica Alba – Raging bitch

    Adriana Lima – No substance.

    Monica Bellucci – Goddess.

    Scarlett Johansson – Goddess.

    Only two of these women do this. The rest of them are rotten to the core. And even then, Megan got smart.

    It’s better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you’re not.

  • gstmllrs679

    lol maybe try a lithium saddy.

  • Goliano

    ^ poseur.

  • Goliano

    It’s better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you’re not.

    Don’t quit your day job, Obi-Wan.

  • Phillip McCracken

    i must say i do agree with Goli on this one…

    that quote doesnt really make sense when your PAID to be someone your not… and your supposed to be hated or loved versely.

    plus people DO love her cause they think shes something shes CLEARLY not.

  • Phillip McCracken

    i also must add, for us normal folk, that actually IS a good quote… and id agree with it than

  • d55

    “It’s better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you’re not.”

    A favorite quote of mine but how is that supposed to work for Megan Fox when she is always trying to be like Jolie and create this “toxic” girl image?

  • Sierra

    Lol “Megan got smart”? I beg to differ.

  • gstmllrs679

    needs more definition maybe.

  • Phillip McCracken

    i think whomever that is is the same dude as the fake Jeremy Boscon.

    going around just trying to get a rise out of people.

    i wonder who it is LOL>.. they really should man up and register

  • AlinaMaria

    I know, when you think about it they have no privacy at all. That element of it can’t be fun. I’d rather just have the money sans the fame.

  • Jeremy*Bosco

    Again, just because YOU don’t have sex with women, and apparently think that no other men do either because of that, doesn’t mean that they don’t, and yeah, that includes me. I’m so sorry that I’m not a FAGGOT like you, and love to deep-throat dick, okay? I apologize that I don’t like guys that way, and that I’m NOT going to Hell for being a FAGGOT, like you, alright? Or, are you just jealous that I’ve actually lost my virginity, while you’re over 30, and haven’t even touched another human being in a sexual manner period, much less had sex with a man you lust over, FAGGOT? Well, enjoy your “Men’s Health” magazines, as it’s gonna be another lonely night for you and your own hand. Good luck with that, FAGGOT.

  • gstmllrs679

    like yourself? lol yeah riiight.

  • Caitie Harmful


    Jeez, Phil.

  • Phillip McCracken

    last time i checked, i had a girlfriend, and many many many guys think she is hot… i can agree with “what the fuck is she doing with you than?!?!?” cause i dont know why…

    but AGAIN lest me keep reminding you… HES REGISTERED!!!! so whomever you are, everyone knows your NOT him…

  • Phillip McCracken

    “Aside from the money, what’s so good about being a star anyway?”

    you get to approach other celebs without being thought of as LOWER or creepy?

    you also get to punch other celebs in the face without getting in trouble… see Chris Brown, Tommy Hilfiger, Shanan Moakler, etc

  • Caitie Harmful


  • Caitie Harmful

    I’m going to kill this shit once & for all.

    She’s not trying to be like Angelina ‘I think I’m cockfucking Mother Theresa’ Jolie Voight. I don’t think that anyone wants to be like her. The bitch is crazier than I am…and that’s saying something.

    Megan’s a girl from TN who happens to have tats, dark hair, light eyes and a sexy image. Have you ever noticed how no one ever says how much Kate Hudson is like her mother? Or…how no one compares Riley Keogh to her mother & grandmother? So why the fuck are people comparing Megan to Angelina?

    Because Megan happens to be a pretty girl from TN with dark hair, light eyes & tats. The big difference is that Angelina grew up in a Hollywood family and had the advantages that Megan didn’t have.

    I’m defending Megan because Megan got smart and realized that sex sells and she’s taking that image to the bank. The girl is walking, talking, dripping sex. Yeah, she’s got flaws. So does your precious St. Angelina. The bitch looks like a damn lich in a designer gown. The only time she looked good was around the time she did Hackers & Girl, Interrupted. Otherwise, she’s always looked gaunt & pale & sickly. At least Megan looks like she’s had something to eat. And yeah, she’s got jacked up looking thumbs…and she’s got iffy skin.


    Again….no one ever said shit about Angelina looking like death warmed over…

    tl;dr summary: Megan is in. Angelina is out. Deal with it.

  • Goliano

    The bitch is crazier than I am…

    I’ve yet to see indisputable evidence of the above, 😉 but I’m in full agreement with the rest of your comment.

  • Phillip McCracken

    i think the reason she keeps getting compared is cause in like EVERY interview… Megan mentions her…..