• EvilSamurai

    Queen Gorgo was hotter than this broad

  • Anon Imus

    SO I just got around to watching the 1st movie. Am I REALLY supposed to go see this one? Where’s “Duke of Hazard 2”?

  • Sir Percy of Scandia

    newsflash: IT’S TRANSFORMERS! nerds/dorks/losers like myself only want to see the DNA based robots of your boyhoods blow the everything shit out of everything on the screen. its not shia. its not megan. its not oscar worthy storyline. TRANSFORMERS…..EXPLOSIONS…..LOUD NOISES! i don’t care which “actress” is in the movie. i would have much rather them take megan’s check and use the millions to CGI a badass the likes of ASTROTRAIN, shockwave, grimlock, etc into the RISE OF THE FALLEN. one.

  • Mike Litoris

    Plain Jane

  • Boz

    I’m watching the movie this monday…


    I’m glad everyone agrees with me. This movie was garbage. If i had to chance to get Bay’s movie budget i swear i could have made this epic.

    Anyways, did anyone else get a claps towards the end of the movie and everyone cheering best movie ever?

  • lakers fan in boston

    i just watched it earlier
    i thought it was a pretty good movie
    it was what i expected basically good but not that great
    id recommend watching it if u liked the 1st 1