• Rhonda


  • MichaelRIP


  • Rhonda

    What a crazy, sad week! All three were legends and American icons. They will live forever in our memories and hearts. May they all rest in peace and may God bless them all.

  • NiemahTheBoss

    I loved Michael Jackson
    I still can’t believe he’s actually gone.!
    I will miss him,all the people that chat shit.Gahh
    just leave him alone, the poor mans dead 🙁
    Atleast show some respect

  • LoFi

    You know, I always thought that he would survive to be probably the strangest 90 year old ever.

  • Andro

    Shocking news! I was really looking forward to his future concerts. Now I’ll never get to see him live.
    May he rest in peace.

  • Dr._Victor_von_Doom

    What the mother fuck? They say famous people die in groups of three.. First Ed McMahon, then Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson on the same day ? Such a random grouping of star power… RIP all of you.. you all had great runs on this mortal coil.


  • AlinaMaria

    Yeah i will say he was a true legend.

  • skilligan

    The greatest performer of all time

  • Casey Stoner46 MotoGP fan

    Very fucking sad, and thats wierd, he had mysterous death from a “Cardiac Arrest”, that sounds really wierd in my opionon.

  • ArubaKidd

    RIP MJ

  • vanos28

    yeah yeah yeah its an OH MY GOD

  • TORO

    i;m going with a Drug related dead or even a surgery related problem…not buying the Cardiac Arrest..

  • michael jackson

    actually i killed myself. ed mcmahon and farrah fawcett were my best friends

  • Babe

    He was the King, ok. But everyone’s gotta its time. Now its his. RIP Michael Jackson.

  • Bolt Uprite

    When was the last time any of you have listened to a Michael Jackson album? Does anybody really own one? Anymore?All his many scandals are finally over and he can rest, hopefully.

  • d55

    Damn. I’m shocked. He was one weirdo that I’ve always respected and even felt sorry for at times. The dude is a legend. I’m truly saddened 🙁

  • Sir Percy of Scandia

    RIP Man in the Mirror

  • Stewie

    Quite a shock if you ask me, he seemed to be on an upwards curve, back to the shows and so, and then this happened

  • Sir Percy of Scandia

    anyone got any outlandish conspiracy theories?! i read someone nutjob say, “the US killed MJ to justify a war with Iran.” No joke!

  • erikamj

    i loved him so much. goodbye michael

  • TORO

    Macaulay Culkin!! is going to Suicide!!…or make some money out of this!!!

  • Angus

    R.I.P MJ
    R.I.P Ed
    R.I.P Farrah

    What a terrible week…

  • Phillip McCracken

    well it looks like ill be the 1st one who says this… GOOD F’Ing Riddance.

    i Dont care HOW good anyone thinks someones music is, or weather or not someone is an ICON, bla bla bla..


    anyone that sleeps with little boys, and molests children IS A MONSTER.

    i dont care how coarse you think i am, how rude you think it is im GLAD this monster is DEAD, or what, but ANYONE that does the sort of thing he admitted to doing with children, (sleeping with children, giving them “jesus juice”, undressing in front of them) and, indirectly admitted to (settling molestation cases means your lawyers KNOW you have a snowballs chance in hell of getting off) by buying off accusers, IS A MONSTER and deserves to die.

    i dont care WHAT he did for music, what he did for pop culture, what he did for ANYTHING… he was a child molester. its that simple.

    does being “michael jackson” excuse him, and make it OK to touch children and sleep with children?

    NO it doesnt.

    Child Molesters are the WORST kind of people. praying on children and their innocence is sickening and disgusting.

    i for one am HAPPY to know that RIGHT NOW, his soul is either burning in hell, or satan is molesting HIM.

    it seems EVERYONE is forgetting what a monster this person was… you might think im the biggest fucking asshole in the world, but im TRULY SICKENED by people being “upset” this CHILD MOLESTER IS DEAD… i might be a HUGE asshole, BUT I NEVER SLEPT WITH LITTLE BOYS OR GOT THEM DRUNK… no matter how much of an asshole i am, ill NEVER be a fucking monster like HE was.

    mothers and fathers should be relieved, one less child predator is walking the earth.

  • Wayne Nuggets

    Apparently the paramedic was gonna use CPR but his colleague said “just beat it”.

  • lokiman the cataclysmic bastard

    Did you guys ever see him? Dude looked like his body was bound to fail at some point. If he did that last show in the UK, I doubt he would have made it to the end without dying of exhaustion. I’m going with cardiac arrest.

    RIP MJ

  • Racer X


    /gonna listen to Thriller now

  • Goliano

    LOL! A bit too soon, but still funny.

  • Goliano

    As usual, Phil, facts and what can be seen with your own eyes means shit to you. Provide proof, or at least evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, that Michael Jackson molested children… the type of evidence that would overturn the initial jury’s finding of not guilty. The sitting judge couldn’t provide any, so let’s see what you’ve got, Judge Sabo.

    Dude, you’re almost always asleep in left field on anything ever presented on these pages, both trivial and otherwise, based on dumb shit… and, the way I see it, this is only more of that. Wake the fuck up, man, and stop the attention whoring that you always accuse Megan Fox of!

  • Phillip McCracken

    so spending 10 times as much money to stop a court case as it would to have it go forward and COMPLETELY clear your name if you in fact DIDNT do it, is out of left field?

    and something you said… the jury pool was tainted BS… yeah cause, look at all the people here praising him… i believe out of 70 comments 2 people agreed with me…

    so, id suggest than if your gonna make a comment like how can he get a fair trial cause of people like me… how then did the victim get a fair judgemnet in the 2nd trial?

    same thing.

    bottom line is, if i, or any normal person was accused of a horrific crime that they DIDNT do, nothing would keep me from clearing my name. settling out of court and PAYING OFF whom accused you of it to me proves your guilty ESPECIALLY when you have disposal income, and money ISNT an issue to make sure your name was cleared.

    how am i being an attention whore? i shared an opinion, you dont have to agree. thats fine.

    you want to ignore the fact that he slept with children, gave them “jesus juice”, and undressed and such in front of children, and decide cause he was an ICON that any admitted indescrestions with children he did are “ok” thats YOUR CHOICE.

    bottom line is, if a teacher gives a child “Jesus juice”, walks around and undresses in front of him, and SLEEPS WITH HIS STUDENTS… do they get to continue teacher or is their career OVER?

    why should Michael Jackson be revered for doing the same thing and NOT held accountable?

    so, his indescretions with children were OK cause he was michal jackson, but if a teacher in your kids school did those things to a child, would continue to be revered and allowed to keep his job?

    you can argue all you want with me about his court cases, but he admitted to sleeping with children, he admitted to the jesus juice thing, he admitted for walking around in inapproprioate situiations with them….

  • Goliano

    DUHHHH!! Cardiac arrests always have a cause. Why do you think they did an autopsy, Einstein?

  • plulu

    Right?!?!? I thought that was common knowledge….. NUMEROUS things can cause cardiac arrest. The autopsy will show what CAUSED the cardiac arrest. Still doesn’t change that it was the ultimate thing that killed the guy in technical terms.

  • Casey Stoner46 MotoGP fan

    I agree, that “Cardiac Arrest” is not worth of that mysterous death, but yes, drug death or surgery was related into this death situation.

  • Casey Stoner46 MotoGP fan

    I agree.

  • TORO

    Phillip McCraken…has Spoken!!…any child molester DESERVE to DIE!!…so the way i look at it…the mother fucker live more than he deserved!!

  • Caitie Harmful

    Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

  • Goliano

    He makes more sense in Spanish. I told y’all to leave him be.

  • Caitie Harmful

    He just needs to shut the living fuck up. Spanish or English….the shit he says is vile and unforgivable.

  • Casey Stoner46 MotoGP fan

    Your right, because he was not breathing after they rush him to that fucking UCLA Medical Center